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Why Are My Legs And Feet Turning Black

A Lenten

Column Fraternities, Las Penas, the Homeless Carmen or extraordinary acts are celebrating anniversaries commemorating outstanding

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The Lord of Sorrows, which on Friday came out in extraordinary ordeal the 25th anniversary of his blessing.

0 comments 0 votes For and cultured normal acts of Lent, which fill the agenda brother in the weeks before Palm Sunday, have joined this year many special events prompted by anniversaries of remarkable moments in the history of some corporations. Thus, some of them have already been produced, as the ordeal that last Friday he starred in the Lord of Sorrows on completing 25 years of his blessing to a church.

Last Saturday also began a program of extraordinary acts of brotherhood of Abandoned, to celebrate a quarter century since the reorganization of the cult of the glorious image. The anniversary began with a Eucharistic celebration and continued Sunday with a celebration attended by the top brother, a charity initiative that has already taken place the previous year. Another

brotherhood of Glory, in this case the Carmen, will also start this week, coinciding with Lent, the worship program of events and the 250 anniversary commemoration of the transfer of the brotherhood from Santo Domingo to the Carmelite church. Specifically, on Wednesday, day 23 will hold a Mass in the Dominican church, because that day is when the transfer occurred 250 years ago, which will go down in the temple with a commemorative plaque to be discovered after the Eucharistic celebration.

addition, the brotherhood of column is also celebrating the 350 anniversary of the stature of its owner, the work of Jacinto Pimentel. And for that reason, the bank has chosen Cajasol this image to your Easter lineup, which will be presented tomorrow at eight o'clock in the afternoon at the cultural center by the Reina Sofia Expiry older brother, Vicente Rodriguez, speaking in the musical group act Supper.

And although this is not a guild, this week also marks the 50 anniversary of the blessing of Christ of the Mirandilla. Thus, the community has organized a program that will start tomorrow at eight in the evening with a Mass in the chapel of the college of Mirandilla. Thursday will be held at the same time and in the chapel the second exaltation to the Crucified, which this time will be borne by Diego González López. And for Saturday has been scheduled in the school yard procession marches a concert by the musical group Supper, which is releasing the balm of love Jesus march dedicated to the Crucified.

activities and worship, ultimately, in addition to this Lent.


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