Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Dog Ate A Laxative


Lifelover is a band that has already been reviewed in this blog on his latest album. It has been said also which is a band that has caused quite a sensation in the underground of extreme metal, and as expected, have already begun to leave the groups following the trail of his special and unique sound. One

are these Sancta poena, also Swedish, of which I leave both the demo and download their new EP as the band itself has posted on his Myspace.

The demo, released in, and called "De Dekadencia Dikta" , is the closest to Black Metal / Depressive Rock of Lifelover that referred to, with some vocals and music that maybe she could remember Burzum, with 6 issues enough quality and a total of 25 minutes, enough to be a well produced demo.

In his new EP, "Artificiel Gnosis" , the group warned that it would change a little musical paths, and would not strictly follow the line marked by its previous publication. This has been, and this time we have offered a much more experimental, less depressed and more minimalist, which adds elements of gothic rock and even techno music, assuming an amalgam of contradictory and disparate sounds.

To my taste, sometimes beyond the limits of originality and stylistic blend tolerable to my ears, but it contains interesting passages and I think will appeal to lovers of the most bizarre and weird. Here

both links, and also a link to his Myspace where you will find the lyrics, band information and photographs. You can also request hard copies of their work.

Dekadencia OF DIKT

artificiel GNOSIS


Myspace ---------------------------

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