Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loggy Bayou Tree Stand

Fallen in combat (poem dedicated to Ronnie James Dio and all these legendary musicians that we are leaving)

trench dug his voice in your ear, lead
baptism for your eardrums;
progress the rear of your soul, and curling
your heart.

They created the music that comes from the uterus of a thunder,
that gives meaning to every day, the emergency exit

that sometimes you need to get to safety of life.

never forget that magic refined and aggressive
Waving his songs;
the spell of
melodies to the microphone
crushed under the weight of a talent invulnerable. They made

youth will spend
mounted on the back of a song in concert
set fire to your throat,
and only you to feel healthy
when you came out with his chest exploded.

You changed my life,
made you who you are for better or for worse.

Gods who are not respecting god, perhaps because
heirs of the grace of the devil,
that force that awakens consciousness and heart;
proud of themselves because, insolent
are prophets of a religion that
not neutered or conviction.

Therefore, although a jealous god
sumirles's try in the feud of silence,
despite attempts to hush death, eternity
will escort his genius;
for here send us
and we will that time do not let them dumb.

Rest in peace ...
while we give war.

© 2011


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