Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Implantation Brown Cm

The Journal of Cadiz 03/20/2011 windshield

MEDINACELI. Ismael La Pampa new board will not make major changes this Holy Thursday, apart from the departure own council approved. Not even this year the beautiful sculpture of St. John will accompany the Virgen de la Trinidad, as it did in some outlets in the eighties, it could be a simple change to demonstrate "new life". VICTORIA

. The Association of canopy boots Expiration Lent organizes a cycle of lectures and symposia more varied and entertaining. For the table on Tuesday is much expectation, both in the topic; relationship between Carnival and Easter, as the moderator, Emilio Gutiérrez Cruz "El Libi." Congratulations to Paco Melero and good people.

INERTIA. The Council faces a year Holy Week no improvement in the race official. Pronatura Neither of boxes in that part of Broad you can, you can, or more control (must be the only career officer in Andalusia where the public can go through the middle), and improved lighting, or a band before the first cross guide ...

FULL. Always has a problem with the Constitution, not well managed anger in the Brotherhood of the Fallen. If accepted full inclusion in the organizing committee can be some anger that leads to resignation. Neither the Brotherhood has been very diplomatic in his anger, but Cobos had to have resolved this matter expeditiously. A fraternity but not annoying in the upcoming constitution. By the way clergy are you willing to allow the delay in starting the last day of the Easter Triduum?

MEMORY. Read these days the section DIARIO DE CADIZ ephemeris over the years of the Second Republic, knowing the enormous censorship prevented hereby report the fire to the churches of Cadiz; know of some measures of the County Council then, surprise us with attacks P. Calf; give a good account of the turbulent and difficult of those years as "idyllic" scheme. But this memory to the resentment of no interest to disclose.

incense. Isidro Sánchez condolences and family for the death of his wife Mrs. RIP many years putting the finishing touches to the altar boys of St. Paul! Surprisingly there was no possibility of return of urgency if the rain to an appearance in the last general ordeal, the Bishop alley gate was locked and nobody had the key. We are glad to see the brother Antonio happily recovered Keys. News: acceptable relationship between the pastor and the Brotherhood of Spine.


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