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No changes in the selection of steps for the 2012 magna

Full Council decision empowers the commission of the Bicentennial

P-M. Durio Updated 23.03.2011 - 09:20

Rows hoods of the fraternity of Judgement within the Merced. / Julio Gonzalez
3 comments 3 votes The 18 steps that once announced the Bicentennial Commission to join the grand procession are final. The controversy arose in some fraternities after the selection of mysteries made has been settled, without going to produce any change unless there were casualties in one of 18 selected steps.
The full older siblings addressed this issue at its meeting on Monday night and, in fact, not even raised the possibility of correcting the selection process and increase the number of participants in the great guilds. Against this, older siblings supported a motion of confidence, as they have known, that raised the commission to have power of decision in the future. The increasingly limited time to organize the procession, together with the other activities planned for the year 2012 to mark the bicentenary of the Constitution of Cadiz, were the main reasons why the plenary decided (with 20 votes in favor, 10 against and 4 abstentions) to give the commission of acts of the Twelve-formed by a representation of older siblings and -permanent Council powers or express powers to continue their work without having to raise the full all the great matters or with other proposed projects.
So, the extraordinary procession next year has taken another step in its consolidation. Now subtract the 18 selected sibships (Borriquita, Dinner, Garden, Arrest, Column, Cigar, Ecce Homo, Judgement, Medinaceli, Nazareno, Grief, Stripped, Humility, Forgiveness, Water, Vera-Cruz, Descent and Caminito) answer about his involvement or not in the constitution. So far, there are five fraternities that have given the other (Judgement, Garden, Grief, Water & Vera-Cruz), with the rest until 31 to respond.
In this sense, the brothers of Arrest have also supported the initiative in his final chapter, but the final decision in this case is subject, as explained yesterday his older sister, Rosa Maria de la Jara, the final conditions is the procession. To do so, granted authority to the governing board to make decision final.


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