Sunday, March 20, 2011

Actress With Brown Hair, Brown Green Eyes

25 years anniversary of Jesus of Sorrows. 20/03/2011.

The Confraternity of Our Father Jesus of Sorrows and the Virgin of Charity celebrated this year, some special services in conjunction with the XXV Anniversary of the Blessing of the present stature of Jesus Penalties, to conduct the sculptor and carver Sevilla Luis Alvarez Duarte.

So, the day on Friday there was a lucid and Solemn Way of the Cross in the parish of San Lorenzo with the likes of the Lord, it made headlines in the litter of the circle brother 'Al Palo', lit by four lamps of the Brotherhood of the Borriquita.

Also, starting tomorrow and schedule of 7:00 to 21:30 starts the distribution of robes of the Confraternity which runs until next Friday.

Cofrade Cádiz. Editorial.


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