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remind you that next Saturday March 26th at 17:30 pm in The Body Factory Ship Together we will have our Third Test Preparatory the nearby Easter 2011.
will be the last test we will do in the Nave, and in this case will be dedicated to the crews and Tallamiento especially Servite, since it is a great year for her.
emphasize that although the test is devoted to Servite, is MANDATORY TO ATTEND THIS ALL CREW MEMBERS, AND THEREFORE SERVITE CHARGED AS afflicted and NTRA SRA DEL AMPARO.
Less than a month to Palm Sunday, we must make an effort to attend all, the picture has to be almost final, that is possibly missing Crew Banned from
A Salute to Saturday

How To Congratulate Someone For Havinga Baby

No changes in the selection of steps for the 2012 magna

Full Council decision empowers the commission of the Bicentennial

P-M. Durio Updated 23.03.2011 - 09:20

Rows hoods of the fraternity of Judgement within the Merced. / Julio Gonzalez
3 comments 3 votes The 18 steps that once announced the Bicentennial Commission to join the grand procession are final. The controversy arose in some fraternities after the selection of mysteries made has been settled, without going to produce any change unless there were casualties in one of 18 selected steps.
The full older siblings addressed this issue at its meeting on Monday night and, in fact, not even raised the possibility of correcting the selection process and increase the number of participants in the great guilds. Against this, older siblings supported a motion of confidence, as they have known, that raised the commission to have power of decision in the future. The increasingly limited time to organize the procession, together with the other activities planned for the year 2012 to mark the bicentenary of the Constitution of Cadiz, were the main reasons why the plenary decided (with 20 votes in favor, 10 against and 4 abstentions) to give the commission of acts of the Twelve-formed by a representation of older siblings and -permanent Council powers or express powers to continue their work without having to raise the full all the great matters or with other proposed projects.
So, the extraordinary procession next year has taken another step in its consolidation. Now subtract the 18 selected sibships (Borriquita, Dinner, Garden, Arrest, Column, Cigar, Ecce Homo, Judgement, Medinaceli, Nazareno, Grief, Stripped, Humility, Forgiveness, Water, Vera-Cruz, Descent and Caminito) answer about his involvement or not in the constitution. So far, there are five fraternities that have given the other (Judgement, Garden, Grief, Water & Vera-Cruz), with the rest until 31 to respond.
In this sense, the brothers of Arrest have also supported the initiative in his final chapter, but the final decision in this case is subject, as explained yesterday his older sister, Rosa Maria de la Jara, the final conditions is the procession. To do so, granted authority to the governing board to make decision final.

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Implantation Brown Cm

The Journal of Cadiz 03/20/2011 windshield

MEDINACELI. Ismael La Pampa new board will not make major changes this Holy Thursday, apart from the departure own council approved. Not even this year the beautiful sculpture of St. John will accompany the Virgen de la Trinidad, as it did in some outlets in the eighties, it could be a simple change to demonstrate "new life". VICTORIA

. The Association of canopy boots Expiration Lent organizes a cycle of lectures and symposia more varied and entertaining. For the table on Tuesday is much expectation, both in the topic; relationship between Carnival and Easter, as the moderator, Emilio Gutiérrez Cruz "El Libi." Congratulations to Paco Melero and good people.

INERTIA. The Council faces a year Holy Week no improvement in the race official. Pronatura Neither of boxes in that part of Broad you can, you can, or more control (must be the only career officer in Andalusia where the public can go through the middle), and improved lighting, or a band before the first cross guide ...

FULL. Always has a problem with the Constitution, not well managed anger in the Brotherhood of the Fallen. If accepted full inclusion in the organizing committee can be some anger that leads to resignation. Neither the Brotherhood has been very diplomatic in his anger, but Cobos had to have resolved this matter expeditiously. A fraternity but not annoying in the upcoming constitution. By the way clergy are you willing to allow the delay in starting the last day of the Easter Triduum?

MEMORY. Read these days the section DIARIO DE CADIZ ephemeris over the years of the Second Republic, knowing the enormous censorship prevented hereby report the fire to the churches of Cadiz; know of some measures of the County Council then, surprise us with attacks P. Calf; give a good account of the turbulent and difficult of those years as "idyllic" scheme. But this memory to the resentment of no interest to disclose.

incense. Isidro Sánchez condolences and family for the death of his wife Mrs. RIP many years putting the finishing touches to the altar boys of St. Paul! Surprisingly there was no possibility of return of urgency if the rain to an appearance in the last general ordeal, the Bishop alley gate was locked and nobody had the key. We are glad to see the brother Antonio happily recovered Keys. News: acceptable relationship between the pastor and the Brotherhood of Spine.

Macbeth Compared To Person Of Today


The MODE D'parade was a success. Headdresses and Yulia styling Eremina shone with light.

Preliminaries: All had been prepared from the atelier of Yulia Eremina, but there are always those last details, those last flase inspiration. Stitch here, touch there, and as the climax a tulle bustle done in three minutes.

ROSA: From romantic and avant-garde, baroque and airy, this headdress is worth any time character.

FEMININE LOOK DANDY: The model Alexandra Martin caused his gestures a look infallible: masculinity, aggression and desire.

TOUCHED PEACOCK: No doubt the star of the parade. Raise the hat to the category of art.

Essential support and patience of Thought Cati stylist and the photographer James Banet that as he always has something more than a few photos, artwork snapshots.
Thanks to Iñigo de Juana, director of MODE D'modeling agency, for trusting in me.
Many thanks to all.

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Why Are My Legs And Feet Turning Black

A Lenten

Column Fraternities, Las Penas, the Homeless Carmen or extraordinary acts are celebrating anniversaries commemorating outstanding

PM.D. / Cadiz Updated 21.03.2011 - 12:02

The Lord of Sorrows, which on Friday came out in extraordinary ordeal the 25th anniversary of his blessing.

0 comments 0 votes For and cultured normal acts of Lent, which fill the agenda brother in the weeks before Palm Sunday, have joined this year many special events prompted by anniversaries of remarkable moments in the history of some corporations. Thus, some of them have already been produced, as the ordeal that last Friday he starred in the Lord of Sorrows on completing 25 years of his blessing to a church.

Last Saturday also began a program of extraordinary acts of brotherhood of Abandoned, to celebrate a quarter century since the reorganization of the cult of the glorious image. The anniversary began with a Eucharistic celebration and continued Sunday with a celebration attended by the top brother, a charity initiative that has already taken place the previous year. Another

brotherhood of Glory, in this case the Carmen, will also start this week, coinciding with Lent, the worship program of events and the 250 anniversary commemoration of the transfer of the brotherhood from Santo Domingo to the Carmelite church. Specifically, on Wednesday, day 23 will hold a Mass in the Dominican church, because that day is when the transfer occurred 250 years ago, which will go down in the temple with a commemorative plaque to be discovered after the Eucharistic celebration.

addition, the brotherhood of column is also celebrating the 350 anniversary of the stature of its owner, the work of Jacinto Pimentel. And for that reason, the bank has chosen Cajasol this image to your Easter lineup, which will be presented tomorrow at eight o'clock in the afternoon at the cultural center by the Reina Sofia Expiry older brother, Vicente Rodriguez, speaking in the musical group act Supper.

And although this is not a guild, this week also marks the 50 anniversary of the blessing of Christ of the Mirandilla. Thus, the community has organized a program that will start tomorrow at eight in the evening with a Mass in the chapel of the college of Mirandilla. Thursday will be held at the same time and in the chapel the second exaltation to the Crucified, which this time will be borne by Diego González López. And for Saturday has been scheduled in the school yard procession marches a concert by the musical group Supper, which is releasing the balm of love Jesus march dedicated to the Crucified.

activities and worship, ultimately, in addition to this Lent.

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The Welsh band Funeral Doom Metal may publish this year its first album, named "
My Light, My Flesh" -title already used for his latest demo, published in 2005, and that is his last job so far, through Endless Desperation Records

Judging by what the band says on their Myspace, there must be trouble, but expect to see the light as soon as possible.

His music incorporates many nuances, bringing to mind the heavy darkness of Thergothon and mysticism of Monolith , but sometimes deep into environmental terrain or even Doom / Death near My Dying Bride and the like.

work on keyboards and guitars, very melancholy and charismatic, he brings a special richness to the music, but as always, I can only recommend it to those who like the style, fans of genres as varied and colorful they could find boring.




In his own website has posted a link from where you can download various themes of his demos and a preview of the disc :

* (c ) from music, images, covers, videos, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Kairi, of Their authors or copyright holders Other

Will Walking Help If My Bladder Has Dropped

II associate member of the Water Expo. 20/03/2011. CARNIVAL UPDATE 2011 NEW

La Hermandad Sacramental de las Aguas Cofrade held the Second Exhibition "For Mother the Son "in connection with Cofrade Cultural Week organized jointly with the Colegio San Felipe Neri and the Marianist Community of Cadiz. This event will be held in the Church of the College, participating in various guilds of our capital and the province.

The inauguration and blessing will be on March 21 at 20 am and remain open until March 25 in morning and afternoon. In this week will be held a drawing contest with students at the school and other activities.

Cofrade. Drafting.

Actress With Brown Hair, Brown Green Eyes

25 years anniversary of Jesus of Sorrows. 20/03/2011.

The Confraternity of Our Father Jesus of Sorrows and the Virgin of Charity celebrated this year, some special services in conjunction with the XXV Anniversary of the Blessing of the present stature of Jesus Penalties, to conduct the sculptor and carver Sevilla Luis Alvarez Duarte.

So, the day on Friday there was a lucid and Solemn Way of the Cross in the parish of San Lorenzo with the likes of the Lord, it made headlines in the litter of the circle brother 'Al Palo', lit by four lamps of the Brotherhood of the Borriquita.

Also, starting tomorrow and schedule of 7:00 to 21:30 starts the distribution of robes of the Confraternity which runs until next Friday.

Cofrade Cádiz. Editorial.

Sweater Patterns 2010

Los Principes ->
Juana La Loca -> http://www . /? d = 8LV0TQ5N
Cai Story ->
The Currelantes -> d = B394V8PE
Crown ->
Rich and ripe ->
The chickweed joaquin -> dolls CADIZ ->
burton martin follies -> http : / /
The lovely dogs ->
advocates Luis -> http:/ /
Triangle ->
The Cadiz Post Times -> http://www.megaupload . com /? d = 0IPTSA3L
The Madrugá ->
Number 1 in sales and stations ->
The Vienna Boys Choir ... --->
Creators SA --->
The Saints Fans --->
Coro Allegro Molto Contenti ---> d = LC3BC530
When Returning Test --->
The Glasses --->
Pa like colors --->
YUYU Anthology of 2011 --->
The Antesdeyesterday ---> = VIVXYUPN

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Things To Include In A Toiletry Basket

you still do not know losTocados By Yulia Eremina? Touched

If you do not know the Eremina Yulia headgear, you're in luck, because this Friday, March 18 from 21:00 you can enjoy played some wonderful, very crazy in a fashion that will take place on the terrace of the Hotel Puerta Skynight of America.
not miss it!
And here a small preview of what the night will bring. You imagine? What is it? Dare
and say that suggests this photo ....

I attached link to more information

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Zanzibar Gay Cruising Travel To Zanzibar?

wedding as Yulia

Your big day is near and want everything to be special, where every detail is unique and personalized. We present this craft touched and inspired as the 40 made by Yulia Eremina custom for a bride Galicia. You too can have yours.

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My Dog Ate A Laxative


Lifelover is a band that has already been reviewed in this blog on his latest album. It has been said also which is a band that has caused quite a sensation in the underground of extreme metal, and as expected, have already begun to leave the groups following the trail of his special and unique sound. One

are these Sancta poena, also Swedish, of which I leave both the demo and download their new EP as the band itself has posted on his Myspace.

The demo, released in, and called "De Dekadencia Dikta" , is the closest to Black Metal / Depressive Rock of Lifelover that referred to, with some vocals and music that maybe she could remember Burzum, with 6 issues enough quality and a total of 25 minutes, enough to be a well produced demo.

In his new EP, "Artificiel Gnosis" , the group warned that it would change a little musical paths, and would not strictly follow the line marked by its previous publication. This has been, and this time we have offered a much more experimental, less depressed and more minimalist, which adds elements of gothic rock and even techno music, assuming an amalgam of contradictory and disparate sounds.

To my taste, sometimes beyond the limits of originality and stylistic blend tolerable to my ears, but it contains interesting passages and I think will appeal to lovers of the most bizarre and weird. Here

both links, and also a link to his Myspace where you will find the lyrics, band information and photographs. You can also request hard copies of their work.

Dekadencia OF DIKT

artificiel GNOSIS


Myspace ---------------------------

* (c) from music, images, covers, videos, logos, pictures and Other Used in this text, property of Sancta poena, of Their authors or copyright holders Other

Loggy Bayou Tree Stand

Fallen in combat (poem dedicated to Ronnie James Dio and all these legendary musicians that we are leaving)

trench dug his voice in your ear, lead
baptism for your eardrums;
progress the rear of your soul, and curling
your heart.

They created the music that comes from the uterus of a thunder,
that gives meaning to every day, the emergency exit

that sometimes you need to get to safety of life.

never forget that magic refined and aggressive
Waving his songs;
the spell of
melodies to the microphone
crushed under the weight of a talent invulnerable. They made

youth will spend
mounted on the back of a song in concert
set fire to your throat,
and only you to feel healthy
when you came out with his chest exploded.

You changed my life,
made you who you are for better or for worse.

Gods who are not respecting god, perhaps because
heirs of the grace of the devil,
that force that awakens consciousness and heart;
proud of themselves because, insolent
are prophets of a religion that
not neutered or conviction.

Therefore, although a jealous god
sumirles's try in the feud of silence,
despite attempts to hush death, eternity
will escort his genius;
for here send us
and we will that time do not let them dumb.

Rest in peace ...
while we give war.

© 2011

Bandage For Dog Elbow

Eremina in Metropoli

One of our hits in Metropolis.

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It's about time!

After 8 years passed without a long-term study, the legendary Japanese band born in the 80's and influenced by VENOM sale has brought to his new job, through Iron Pegasus / RIP Records.

Official Web

* (c) from images, covers, videos, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Sabbat, of Their authors or copyright holders Other

Roccaforte Monica Movie

Japanese Horror Films: the origin of monsters

(Recovery an article my old blog to whom it may concern and talk about something else that is not always music):

last few years have seen a handful of films have Nipponese invaded our screens reaping a significant box office success. At the margin it has become fashionable to directors who have joined both Japanese and other Eastern countries (and of course, the Americans with their remakes), encouraged by this unexpected business boom thanks to this film have received a breath of originality that has revitalized the horror genre at world.
What are the secrets of that success? What we saw on those tapes do not appreciate in western cinema? What traditions and ways of thinking have influenced Japan in this new film?

For starters, if we were to find "guilty", we should mention a word: Shinto. Shinto religion is Japan's primordial, exclusive and original of those lands, which has no dogmas and doctrines as such, formed primarily by rituals and temples where they worship the "kami" . This term refers primarily to the various gods (whether of heaven, earth or the underworld), which are central to Shinto, but also anything that can accommodate something divine, as territories, animals and even glorious ancestors or embodiments of values, through a host of otherworldly forces or abstract ideas. Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801), one of the greatest thinkers of the Tokugawa era, defines as kami "The various deities of heaven and earth that we speak the ancient chronicles as well as the spirits found in Shinto shrines are revered. Also called kami those human beings, birds and animals, plants and trees, seas and mountains and things for their extraordinary strength and outstanding are subject to fear or veneration. In addition to the things of exceptional nobility or goodness or usefulness, the name of kami can be given to evil and sinister beings if they are subject to general fear " . This vision of the world as animist has always influenced Japanese culture and , far from disappearing with the arrival of Buddhism around the first century VI, merged and evolved with it until our days. So even for the current Japanese is normal in many authorities believe that populate the world with us.
known this, it is difficult to deduce that, for them, the belief in ghosts and the dead walking around us is something much more natural than to Westerners, and are ubiquitous in everyday life. Thus, we find excellent architects, engineers, computer professionals and others with totally logical, you shamelessly assert that their ancestors watch over them and protect them closely.
And as the ghost is integrated into the daily lives of Japanese, they give us a sense of closeness that failed to achieve most Western productions. No need to live in a Victorian mansion or in a Scottish castle for a chance to meet a ghost, but now may have been anchored to your new floor of that building modern aseptic, appearing in your room or in your own bed, or you access via mobile phone, a video tape ( The Ring ), or via the Internet (which itself there ghosts abound: P). That certainly makes it more frightening, however simple or suggested that his image is that any or computer generated monster is living in places like those cited above, so far removed from our everyday reality. That is for me one of the ingredients that triggered his success in our countries. We must also bear in mind that this type of film more important than the fear that gnaws inside the characters as they die, as has been happening in Hollywood.
addition, these films Japanese ghosts are much more dangerous than in European cinema. In this film are not disembodied entities but wholly material and carnal beings, which can strangle and externalized in a much more brutal their anger and hatred. For us, sometimes are people who only seek understanding and help, but in Japan, one of these appearances must always be feared. I'll try to explain what kind of ghosts appear in the most famous films of the subgenre, and how they are named according to Shinto tradition.

This religion also suggests, like many Westerners, that humans have a soul, which they call "reikon" . When a person dies, it is assumed that the leaves reikon matter and meets his ancestors, but sometimes, when he died of a sudden or violent death, leaving emotional ties to this world too strong, or committed suicide (suicide is one of the most repugnant acts in Japanese culture, and something which can not receive a funeral worthy), the person becomes a being unhappy that roams the world the living looking to purge his grief and hatred through revenge or trying to finish what they left open (This itself is very similar to the treatment typically given up the ghost in Europe, especially in the nineteenth century neo-Gothic literature.) However, these vengeful spirits are called "Yurei" .

The yurei

ghosts usually female, although they may belong to men, and usually occur late at night adorned with ancient Japanese funeral clothes, as it was in the Edo peiodo: a white kimono and a triangular handkerchief on her forehead. They usually appear without feet or no legs, possibly because they are caught between two worlds, and is the only way to keep crawl for ours. Tend to have long black hair as you can imagine, yes, Sadako (the ghost of the well in The Ring ) is a Yurei.

To be more specific, there is a story called "Bancho Sarayashiki", which features a Okiku, a woman who works as a maid in the house of a samurai named Aoyama Tessan. One day while cleaning a dish of ten valuable antique plates, broke one involuntarily. The samurai was furious and killed her and threw her down a well, and since then Okiku converted into Yurei began to go out every night of the well to count the plates, break to mourn in the dark when the account was on the ninth, until Aoyama went crazy.
This is just one version of the story (for representation often used in Kabuki theater, one in which Aoyama is Okiku woo), but as you can see, clearly served as inspiration to "The Ring" and Koji Suzuki, a writer known as the Japanese Stephen King and that was who wrote the novel on which the movie. There are good reasons, I believe, to define a Yurei Sadako. Yurei also appears emerging from a well in the PS2 video game "Project Zero," set in a remote mansion Japanese.

Okiku by Yoshitoshi [1839-1892]

can sometimes be the case, as I said earlier, Yurei male, and usually men, in life, have suffered such pain-usually because of a heartbreaking love and unrequited, "that at the time of death are so intense concern, his anguish and torture that they need to stay to carry out his revenge against those responsible for this immense sadness (or, who knows, maybe not worth going to nowhere is not it ...).

LINKS:ūrei.html For more exhaustive and classifications of different types of Japanese ghosts.

https: / / / clients / sbklein / GHOSTS / Here you have illustrations of different ghostly legends Japanese and I used to supplement the article.

* This will put me now soundtrack to Sabbat and full and 100% hahaha.