Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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From Today, February 1, at last we find in stores "Black Rivers Flow" , the awaited new album the increasingly popular group of Wisconsin Thrasher.

is still early to judge, since I have not had access to the entire disc, but under official video for the band posted on YouTube, seem to have softened somewhat vocal style, remembering a few moments to Metallica or Testament (and I'm going to shit on God, then who knows me knows a bit of "love" that I have for most of the best known singers of Thrash bands American, which is the main reason for I bet for the European scene.)
His first LP, "The Onslaught" I marveled at all, it's a brutal record and perfect that I have words to describe, and for me one of the best Thrash Metal albums ever made. This is largely due to the use of melodic vocal registers less than those normally used by their fellow Americans of the BIG 4 and the like, as, for Thrash, I prefer hard voices, "but as with this LP begin to follow that line , at least for me, bad scene ...
guess that more than one jump to the neck for me to say this, but surely you fall into this blog over my personal opinion, the result of my ignorance or my holy hell, "that will make you shit in my fucking .. . But not like that look.

On the other hand, band will embark on a English tour with Bonded By Blood , which will take three of our cities the month of March :

Mar. 23 - Mephisto, Barcelona
Mar. 24 - Hebe, Madrid
Mar. 26 - Santana 27 Black, Bilbao

Now you can buy tickets in advance http://www.metaltripshop.com/

to Bilbao, in addition to the above web , the can be purchased from:

Zerua Bar (c / Iturribide 17, Bilbao)
Arise (c / Somera 40, Bilbao).
Type (c / Somera 39, Bilbao)
Pub Black Bird (c / Vista Alegre 13, under, Santander).

And www.kulturalive.com ( In the latter, in trying to get ME JUMP THE VIRUS, AND THAT IN CASE YOU DO NOT PUT AS DIRECT LINK , come by your own risk ...).

I leave the lineup of the tour and promotional video from their new album :


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