Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soundfiles For Dora The Explorer


write this post today to present a group Zaragoza struck me when I heard it for its great quality, practicing a Thrash Metal in the best European vein: SODOM, KREATOR and the like, not kiss the ass of the overvalued U.S. rate bands Metallica, Megadeth and Testament, as is usual (do not you, Mr. Angelus Apatrida ?).

His music is quite technical at times and also forced a bit chaotic, but I think it definitely had great potential and have come far forward.

They published two papers, "Human Brain" (2005) and "Shadow's Embrace" (2008), and although their official website no longer exists, is despite his Myspace and a video on YouTube, which I link below, so you can hit them a listen. And since I'm lazy, I also leave a link to a blog that reviews the history of the group. Myspace

Biography of the band

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