Monday, February 7, 2011

Quadriderm Cream Nf Cost


The February 25 is the day for the release of the latest work of the versatile folk metal band, whose name in Castilian would mean "star of steel."
addition to standard format (CD only) also will be selling two limited editions. The first one will contain the CD + DVD tour themed "Wahre Jahre" , while the Deluxe version will also incorporate, besides all this, a second CD, as well as a flag, an adhesive, a buckle belt and a "template" (do not know if it will be some downloadable content, a screensaver, or what ... I do not know how to translate in this context "template").

On the other hand, there will be a limited edition vinyl with downloadable content.


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(so you can hear 30 seconds of each song, wow how cool guy ... I do not know if you think that is enough for make someone buy a disc in the times ... anyway, I imagine things from the label).

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