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LAZARUS AD -" Black Rivers Flow "

Well, as I said a few days ago, finally I made a copy of "last" of Lazarus AD

Already with the first issue, American Dreams, the group makes a statement of intent, confirming that heralded the promotional video of his song: "Forget the previous album " .

And indeed, thrash metal classic cut is no longer his main asset and the basis of much of its sound . Now, Lazarus AD sound much more modern and Americanized. influence Pantera is evident from almost the first time in their instrumental and production work is impeccable.

In this song and is also seen remarkable changes vocal range, with the inclusion of more clean vocals and melodic -often, as I said on another occasion, reminding Testament t and Metallica - which are combined with the toughest records that dominated the previous album.
In the promotional video "belonging to that disk is the next topic, The Ultimate Sacrifice - already showed this increased tonal duality, which will undoubtedly be good news for fans of the bands mentioned above, and groups related to the BIG 4.

These are not the only differences from his previous work, "The Onslaught" . Some cuts as Light City (Up In The Smoke) , there are times that are closer to Metalcore that the Heavy / Thrash, and is that over the nine tracks that make up the disc, has increased significantly the mixing of musical styles from groups like drinking Machine Head , Fear Factory , Trivium, and even closer at times to Nu Metal.

The only issue that get a little of its origins is Beneath the Waves of Hatred , and the penultimate album, which takes quite a bit of Thrash pure scent that exalted his first album (although yes, powerfully reminding at times to Children Of Bodom ).

Another point of distinction is that now even dare to somewhere acoustic-like at the beginning of the song that closes the album, called Eternal Vengeance - which also include some clean vocals that This time, frankly, rub the limit of endurance: if I say it is HIM or some such dispossession believe me, I swear.

In short, a lot of changes that make the group into something quite different from what was .


is a record that makes it very misplaced, so unexpected turning point in his musical direction, they will win new listeners, but also lose them.

For my part, I must say that I have made several sketches of this review before publication. Some were more hurtful and virulent, and more restrained. Why? Because when you get an album of this type, which represents a profound change in the previous path of a band, and in my case a big disappointment, "one does not know where to shoot, so I limited myself to describe the more neutral possible (except in the last paragraphs, where I could no longer avoid breaking a little, as you saw) for each judge if this is the kind of music you are looking for and I want to give a listen, but no longer a page personal, and it's time to give my opinion.

What happens? that I can not say objectively is a bad album. I recommend it to those who like metal more genuinely American in almost any of its forms, but if yours is the first thrash metal album, and what you were looking for, turn away from "Black Rivers Flow" as the plague. "

I know they are good musicians, and have talent, that's innnegable, but sometimes that's not enough, and for me this album is PUTA MIERDA A TRUE AND AS A CUP OF PINE .

Reasons? As already mentioned, that this group has lost almost all the good things for me was "The Onslaught" . Forget that Thrash Metal Exodus style and Kreator, very European, peppered with riffs and heavy metal riffs that made the music diverse, exceptionally audible, and that left one wanting to hear songs like Revolution one, and again and again.

In "Black Rivers Flow", and as the title suggests, Lazarus AD drinking water too dark for my taste , because if on his first album, the American heritage in his music belonged mostly bands like Slayer or those Exodus, have now thrown all that much to catch all the bad that is the scene of his country, which is quite, brings together on one CD. The result is an album for people who flip with the mongothrash of Pantera , Mall Metal Slipknot, and other Yankee hogwash, but I certainly am not going to slip this.

Does the new age of Lazarus AD?

Then there is the issue of new voices, because as I commented in the previous post about the band, not usually too heavies support or melodic records in this style, with few exceptions (as in the album "By Inheritance Artillery, a fucking masterpiece that is extremely undervalued to me far above almost everything they could to make the BIG 4).

Well, then imagine the grace that has made me see that the aggressive voice that I loved the first album left hollow-hollow-too, that kind of softer tones, which in my view detract a lot of strength to the music, segregating and far less anger and bad wafer than it should.

But best of all has been noted is usually the case almost always a good band recorded a waste , and how media start talking about "maturity" and "evolution" , which is usually a symptom fairly certain that they are sending their roots take up the ass or that We can expect more of excrement.

Those who live in this guess, however they liked, they are not going to risk putting forth a record album which left a good pasta in advertising each month, or is a potential advertiser; and some who do this for hobby and are not accountable to anyone, sometimes I do not dare to recognize that a disk have been disappointed, or too severe, because it seems impossible that a group of good musicians like Lazarus AD can be making bad music (And what if you can! now I am reminded of a progressive metal grupete that plays very well but whose songs are be empty trash, without force or any sense ...).

therefore, may not want to be too critical for fear of losing face to the gallery, or be branded ignorant for telling the truth, and then released excuses like these, which are very similar to those that have read in magazines, fanzines and websites for many years, when a formation of shit and does not want / can say

1 - "With this latest album, have expanded their musical horizons, to experience beyond the limits of the genre, defining your path and finding his style."

2 - " From its origins, its evolution as musicians has been steady, reaching an increasingly broad base of supporters."

Sometimes the change may actually have been positive, and they are telling the truth, but usually the translation of all that is usually after their amariconado, they like very much money or that they've gone head musically (with Lazarus AD looking for the latter).

I mean by this that it is wrong groups change? Not at all: everyone is free to make music that comes out of their noses, but when the change is too deep, as with Lazarus AD-, and even more, when many leave these roots sometimes Metal, I think they should also renamed out of respect for the old fans. Is not doing that so I usually put some bands green, rather than because they have decided to make another kind of music (which I think is respectable, and there are many things out there that sound and are not fucking metal, so not a question of "truism" .)

course many will say that the problem is in me, it's me that is not "ripe" to be open to new perspectives, if I'm going subnormal fact that I have the pleasure in the ass ... and perhaps not without some truth, especially in the subnormal (I'll give the reason in advance and not have to go answering any tantrums that generates this review), but, as I pointed out, this "Black Rivers Flow" is the appropriate name for a work that reminds me of a great river of shit and manure flowing almost from the first minute to the last hard listening to this sow.

I'm going to refrain from rate it, because, even for this time in the battle between my personal interests and respect for a people who know that musicians are very valid, there is no clear winner, and I think more just simply say what I had thought, "that this is my blog-and then let the others judge according to your tastes.

Luckily copy of "Black Rivers Flow" was provided. Already home of its owner, well away from my reader, fortunately.

So I can only say one thing: to anyone looking for a good thrash album that is a bit on the line than they did before Lazarus AD, forget I recommend this group and listen the Swedes Guillotine on his album Blood Money . Eighties are perhaps more than they were the Lazarus AD, but also great:


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