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Lifelover - "sjukdom" Review

We have for sale the new Lifelover album , one of the most original bands of the past years in the Black Metal, and the fresh air needed by the style, then cloning of thousands of bands always groups (with exceptions).

With "sjukdom" Lifelover is in line forever: Black Metal / Depressive Rock with some brief dressings Pop, songs short and simple, and troubled melancholy that gave a unique sound to the band since the publication of his first LP, "Pulver" in 2006.

The personal voice of Kim Carlsson is still as bleak, oppositional and bad as ever, although this guitars become more powerful and robust than previous albums in the sense that it drew its last work, the EP "Dekadens" - with a more sound Death Metal. Topics such as "Kalma" even get transported to the old days of the genre for a few moments.

keyboards, which along with the voice were the engine of the band, " have lost some prominence against those guitars, but they still sound so full of pathos, bittersweet as ever. They are like stabs of pain in the toes touching. Whenever I listen to comes to mind a suicide dying trying to say goodbye to music, with the little strength remaining, while gradually shed their blood on ivory of the keys, feeling so ashamed to be free to leave this world, and recalling the past that led him to wish for death (which is ridiculous and a dramatist, I know).

The battery -until her previous work, the EP "Dekadens" was scheduled, " has always fit perfectly with the music to shine at times and tickets especially in the instrumentals. To "Dekadens" recruited NON (of Hypothermia ) as the first human battery of the band, but now "sjukdom" seems to have reverted to the old method, which, moreover, they proved quite effective in its early days, as I am a redneck who has never known group or play an instrument, it's hard sometimes to tell when there is a person behind a battery and when is a machine. Do not stop executions in difficult or complicated but also fills them necessary.

But personally, think there is something in this group that is beginning to fail . "Dekadens" and left me cold and I is something that fits me. It is as if they believed they have found the magic formula for making records of relative success and personality, and ingredients were mixed mechanically and without enthusiasm.

Listening to "sjukdom" is not as placid or cathartic as could the above "Pulver" - which has one of the best and most poetic artworks I've seen, or "Konkurs" . It lacks something, does not have the spark or the charisma of those albums, and songs, at least to me, leave me indifferent.

home his first LP - "Pulver"

more reviewing will hear differently, but the earlier albums did not need a third or fourth time: the melodies of this destructive and Menelaus Swedish group deep in the mind the first time you heard "Erotik" or "Konkurs" , and that "sjukdom" , at least with me, he has not succeeded.

is not a bad record for me, but heap. Nothing special highlight in my opinion. I find it somewhat monotonous and boring, and I do not go to be among my favorites of recent years as if it may be their first three albums.

highlight in the subject "will expand" , a song with guitars quite a bit Doom that retrieves the style of "Konkurs". Exceptional.

SCORE: 6 / 10

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