Thursday, February 24, 2011

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A point's new album TO DREAM OF ARTILLERY

With this stunning cover will be released in March the new album by the Danish Artillery, via Metal Mind Records. My be called Blood and was recorded at Medley Studios in Denmark in late 2010. The artwork was designed by Polish artist Graal, who has also worked for Sinister or Solitude Aeturnus, among others.

Your Digipack version will also contain two bonus tracks that are added to the eleven who make up the tracklist, and the Japanese edition will feature an exclusive song that will not appear in any other format.

Hopefully the great Heavy / Thrash Metal to which we are accustomed to not disappoint. You have two songs of this album on Myspace Metal Mind , and looks pretty decent.

As a curiosity, to say that the first song is titled in Castilian ("Mi Sangre", translation of the name of the disc). From what I have no record is whether it will also sing in our language. Wait at March 21, his scheduled day to check it out in Europe.


Official Myspace Metal Mind

Myspace the band

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