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MONOLITH: MINI-LP "Interlude Premier" available on Jamendo

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Monolithe is a French band Atmospheric Funeral Doom that caused quite an impact among the fans of the genre with their two albums "Monolithe I" and "Monolithe II" . Their songs are a bit away from the usual gender stereotypes, to venture into the remote origins of humanity in a solemn epic, not without darkness, poetry and fantasy.

is not in the lyrical aspect having the greatest originality in the world, are not the first to allude to higher intelligences guiding the steps of the species since the beginning of time, nor are new to the References to ancient monuments, sculptures, buildings or megaliths which are located in the encrypted keys of our origin and destiny, but you can smell the talent and desire to innovate in this group ..

Your music is in line very similar to Skepticism (in fact, participate in a tribute to them), but with some progressive flavor. Find, therefore, a Funeral Doom slow and heavy, not suitable for either ear, and at risk of being boring if the listener does not fully surrenders listening. This risk is inherent to the genre because of its slowness and monotony, but Monolithe attempts to bring some-many-shades for that not to happen: from a great guitar work to punttuales inclusions accordion, through immersive some keyboards. The voice reminds me a little to the male singer of Theatre Of Tragedy , although the style of Doom each other does not seem to almost nothing, "and the battery fits perfectly with the rest of instrumental work.
Each of the members of the group strives to make his music a hypnotic process to another reality, to places and times unfathomable. In the world of Monolith, the dark existential and Nothingness revolve around the fate of the species, and in the infinite silence just waiting for us (maybe it was of the band's personal world, things are very different ...).

Both their albums to their EP follow the same structure: a single, very long song exceeding 50 minutes, except the mini, which lasts "only" 20 minutes. These issues, again I stress, are impossible to digest at one time if we allow the dark worldview Monolithe reaches us. It is the only way to enjoy your music, even in parts (because not reached the necessary mental state to swallow almost an hour of song without interruption, is the style that is).

The band would release their third album, "Monolith III" , around 2008, but some problems have meant that, for now, has not seen the light. In the words of Sylvain begot -guitar, bass, keyboards and a fellow of Anthemon and involute - the album is finished but has not yet been mastered. Missing in addition to adding the vocal parts of Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord , The Eye ), and for matters worse, his album "appease Me Records has ceased its activities for an indefinite period, so look for a new label that allows them to edit this work.

also Monolithe has said it is quite may be separated after this record , because this is a music that, not being economically viable, they require too much free time, something that its components have increasingly less.

These explanations, posted on his Myspace to the questions of those who expected the new LP, date from early 2009. Two years later, have not heard anything new. Therefore, "Interlude Premier" is his latest work to date, and how it was edited only via the Internet through CC on Jamendo, a little further down I leave the link so you can download it for free.


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