Monday, January 17, 2011

How Many Calories Lasagna


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After 7 years unedited record, the legendary American band, most of the time-to-man Black Metal is mastering his new album. , titled "Enthroned Is The Night" , and still no exact date of departure. If no changes are expected 11 songs of cold and raw black metal that Ixithra , its frontman ( Profanatica , Raven's Bane , Profane Grace) has accustomed us.

The cover is provided by the English artist Juan Castilian , who has worked with many extreme metal underground bands such as VOMITORY or Asmodeus, and the same campaign designed "An illusion toy" , which performs artwork for ANAL T vo (not This criticism is, of course, since it is a professional who does what to do: hold on to anything while they pay, I just found it funny). More news


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