Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ftv Midnight Uncensored

You: You know more Selena! ANDATE tired me! I have but very tired! because you do not get a person to love you have siesque change and stop trying to take away nick! ?
Selena: because YOU took from me nick! he and I were happy until you come hither! (breaking into tears)
You: but it is not the same because nick did not want you! 've done for advertising! I always always been apart!
Selena: this is not siertoo! siemper was a child like that was rejected as a friend of the Jonas ... ! noo you were here!
You: Was I silly! See if you're like a bell-TI TAN-TON-TA!
Nick: You girls seriously ENOUGH!
You and Selena: YOU SHUT UP!
Nick: I think I'll go .. openings if they meet their problems ...
Selena: I'm not stupid! but as you became the girlfriend of nick if you were so small!
Selena: well .. as it was for me publicdad as you know your not?
You: because we know for a long .. and met him so well that it is love .. !
Selena: you know seriously I surrender I surrender! I want someone who can love!
You: you know .. I am familiar to anyone who wants to be loved and to love .. if you want to present to you .. but stop torturing us so ..
Selena: It's okay:) enserioo as it is called!
You: Justin Bieber
Selena: Really! ayaya Make me a blind date ..
You: ok ..

fuee and last time she had denied everything said about you .. I was hanging out with Justin pond in good and were left to hate .. Past

time .. you were with nick and good .....

------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Chiicas! eestoy enfermaaa and without much inspiration! ajaja asiquee good Do not add more until after 15 tomorrow I gotta Brasill: D OHH SHII: D JAJAJAJA I buueno cuidenseee the thousand! agregen


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