Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bathroom Colour Inspiration

DEEP-PRESSION: EP, split and compilation in 2011

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In a very limited edition of 78 copies, and Pro CDr formats, the black / doomsters Poland earlier this year launched a new job using the stamp Sinistre Valse. be called "postmortem" and gloomy and taciturn contain four issues that could remember at some point, according to the preview of your web-Summoning some more Doom and dark, the Americans LOSS , or about Hypothermia studded with Ambient elements.
Likewise, also early 2011 and through the label Self Mutilation Services, edited a shared ALL THE COLD -Russian group in the same musical line-which will come out in Pro CDr limited 200 units, and will be "Deep Cold 2" .
Moreover, and again on the same dates, Valse Sinistre will release the compilation "One Day, One Room" . This time will be 77 copies on cassette format (as we see, always looking forward to the masses), will review the history of the band since its formation in 2006.


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