Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ambico Tripod Parts V-0552

Girls (L)


Girls! I'm sorry for not posting very seguidoo! prometoo always be published, but esque this year and have been very hectic lately! you know the earthquake, tsunami, miners, Christmas, New Year! ...
and just for that I write today January 1st, 2011! oh sii: D Happy new year, I hope that 2011 will be better than the past 2010, which is full of love, happiness, peace ... and above all! is forbidden, but forbidden Esquea suffer for a man! but prohibited esque! they are not worth it! claroo give us happiness and love! but I finished being a hypocrite! believe me! happened to me! and believe me to be devastated! I liked a boy .. buenoo term and dating a friend of mine! and the worst! esque she knew that I liked and I can say enough! and not even that I was told they were dating! I heard from a friend! : S was very painful! but I realized alfinal valiaa not mourn for him! so it is! porfavoor be so and will not creaan feliices both men, as are playboys enseriio: S
Buueno! know that this year has been pretty hectic for us the Chileans, but also for artists Holliwood! and other countries around the world have been hit by hurricanes, earthquakes, ... For Artists
was hard .. even for Jonas! sales were down! Joe with ashley damn! and know Miley! I always been his fan eh! I could not believe she was drugged and alcoholisaraa smoke! I know the last thing that we todaaaas lOOo and we have done ever! named me! My particular: B! ajajaja good please do not judge the artists it is their VIIDA and they should feel trapped tied by people who do not even want to know but still! Think about it how would you feel if and only if the thousands of paparazzi that follow almost Magnifier and Flashlight! that APPALLING! esoo are sent by those embarraditas because they want free for a while, it still does not warrant that took drugs and drink .. but hey such is life right? I never had opened well with you both haha \u200b\u200band I feel excellent for esoo! hopefully with me do you too can take cuentaa Siempree me the support I can! after they leave my email anonymous obviously! good to know you can tell me their COOO etc. .. and I can help ok? buuenoo if you want to tell me something good mii anonymous mail is ok? add me and we can talk the quiiero

jiji mil:) talk!


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