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Bathroom Fan Electricity Hour



designed the banner just for me , Antroz designs.


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* (c) from images, covers, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Theatre Of Tragedy of Their authors or copyright holders Other

At last The band has confirmed the details that happen to the release of their next (and possibly last) DVD.

be called "Last Curtain Call" and in addition we announced tracklist below is provided for the inclusion of some additional material, such as a movie tour (guess it will be a documentary showing the insides of a tour behind the scenes), and a series of interviews with members of the band, which reunited for the first time after their separation in 2010. It will also include a final test of the group and who knows if any surprises.

The DVD will come with a CD with the ten best songs of the tour, and probably also appear separately a double live CD , a list of topics will be announced soon.


Hide and Seek
Bring Forth ye Shadow Frozen

Lorelei Ashes and Dreams

A Rose for the Dead

Fragment And When I Falleth

Hollow Venus Image

Cassandra Storm

A Hamlet for a slothful
Machine Fade
Vassal Der Tanz der Schatten

Forever is the World

few issues the first two albums ... a penalty.

Recall that the release date is scheduled for May 2011 through AFM Records .


Official Website Myspace

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Cheats For Leaf Green Vba

Hello chic @ s, the year began the most glamorous, is that January and February are months of cinema: José M ª Forqué Awards, Golden Globes, the Goya Awards, the Oscars. I was lucky to be working in the wonderful Forqué Awards Gala, part of the team led by Cati Designed costumes and opportunity to create a hit for Carmen Conesa. And here it is dressed for her performance of tango "Smoking hope." I attached a link to the show in case you feel like gossip # 990398. See you soon!

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Bathroom Colour Inspiration

DEEP-PRESSION: EP, split and compilation in 2011

* (c) from images, covers, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Deep-Pression band, of Their authors or Other copyright holders.

In a very limited edition of 78 copies, and Pro CDr formats, the black / doomsters Poland earlier this year launched a new job using the stamp Sinistre Valse. be called "postmortem" and gloomy and taciturn contain four issues that could remember at some point, according to the preview of your web-Summoning some more Doom and dark, the Americans LOSS , or about Hypothermia studded with Ambient elements.
Likewise, also early 2011 and through the label Self Mutilation Services, edited a shared ALL THE COLD -Russian group in the same musical line-which will come out in Pro CDr limited 200 units, and will be "Deep Cold 2" .
Moreover, and again on the same dates, Valse Sinistre will release the compilation "One Day, One Room" . This time will be 77 copies on cassette format (as we see, always looking forward to the masses), will review the history of the band since its formation in 2006.


Official Web

Valse Sinistre

Multilation Self Services

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Littlest Pet Shop Advent Calenar

MONOLITH: MINI-LP "Interlude Premier" available on Jamendo

* (c) from images, covers , logos, videos, music and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Monolithe band, or authors of Their Other copyright holders.

Monolithe is a French band Atmospheric Funeral Doom that caused quite an impact among the fans of the genre with their two albums "Monolithe I" and "Monolithe II" . Their songs are a bit away from the usual gender stereotypes, to venture into the remote origins of humanity in a solemn epic, not without darkness, poetry and fantasy.

is not in the lyrical aspect having the greatest originality in the world, are not the first to allude to higher intelligences guiding the steps of the species since the beginning of time, nor are new to the References to ancient monuments, sculptures, buildings or megaliths which are located in the encrypted keys of our origin and destiny, but you can smell the talent and desire to innovate in this group ..

Your music is in line very similar to Skepticism (in fact, participate in a tribute to them), but with some progressive flavor. Find, therefore, a Funeral Doom slow and heavy, not suitable for either ear, and at risk of being boring if the listener does not fully surrenders listening. This risk is inherent to the genre because of its slowness and monotony, but Monolithe attempts to bring some-many-shades for that not to happen: from a great guitar work to punttuales inclusions accordion, through immersive some keyboards. The voice reminds me a little to the male singer of Theatre Of Tragedy , although the style of Doom each other does not seem to almost nothing, "and the battery fits perfectly with the rest of instrumental work.
Each of the members of the group strives to make his music a hypnotic process to another reality, to places and times unfathomable. In the world of Monolith, the dark existential and Nothingness revolve around the fate of the species, and in the infinite silence just waiting for us (maybe it was of the band's personal world, things are very different ...).

Both their albums to their EP follow the same structure: a single, very long song exceeding 50 minutes, except the mini, which lasts "only" 20 minutes. These issues, again I stress, are impossible to digest at one time if we allow the dark worldview Monolithe reaches us. It is the only way to enjoy your music, even in parts (because not reached the necessary mental state to swallow almost an hour of song without interruption, is the style that is).

The band would release their third album, "Monolith III" , around 2008, but some problems have meant that, for now, has not seen the light. In the words of Sylvain begot -guitar, bass, keyboards and a fellow of Anthemon and involute - the album is finished but has not yet been mastered. Missing in addition to adding the vocal parts of Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord , The Eye ), and for matters worse, his album "appease Me Records has ceased its activities for an indefinite period, so look for a new label that allows them to edit this work.

also Monolithe has said it is quite may be separated after this record , because this is a music that, not being economically viable, they require too much free time, something that its components have increasingly less.

These explanations, posted on his Myspace to the questions of those who expected the new LP, date from early 2009. Two years later, have not heard anything new. Therefore, "Interlude Premier" is his latest work to date, and how it was edited only via the Internet through CC on Jamendo, a little further down I leave the link so you can download it for free.


Official Web


download on Jamendo of "Interlude Premier"

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Birthday Wishes Legal Jokes

New EP Wedard: Eiskrieg II

* (c) from images, covers, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Wedard, of Their Other authors or copyright holders.

seems that will be a month in February prolific in terms of release of Suicidal / Depressive Black Metal regards, and is that also the next work and Shining Lifelover , the German group Wedard also plan to edit an EP for those dates.
Wedard has a dirtier sound and conventional, not bet on either the original such as the two mentioned above, with an output less cared, but conveying the same feeling oppositional quite effectively.
The composition and instrumental performance almost all borne by Sternenfrost (Andreas Schnell) , and fixed only founding member of the project, but since 2005 has temporary or session musicians who are responsible battery (which until then had been scheduled).
For the EP will feature the collaboration of Dies Pater (Midnight leader Odyssey, also a solo project Ambient / Depressive Black Metal) as guest vocalist, and will have 6 tracks of which one will come as a bonus track hidden.

Official Web


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Lenticular Lenses Buy

A seventh point Shining album + tour new LP prepares

* (c) from images, covers, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Shining, or Other authors of Their copyright holders.

VII - Fodde Förlorare is the name of the new LP that Swedes led by Niklas Kvarforth plan to launch in February 2011 . The translation of the title would be something like "Born A Loser" (born loser), and seems to have suffered some delay in its launch some sort of problem between the label, the producer and the band ( "lack of communication ", according to the actual Kvarforth).

But apparently, finally everything went well, and the work should have been mixed and mastered during the second week of January, if all goes according to what the singer said.

Hopefully everything goes well and making the sale does not suffer the many delays that already had their previous album.

also the band will tour Europe together with Watain . Have so far been confirmed the following dates:

February 25, 1911 Aschaffenburg (DE) Colos Saal
February 26, 1911 Lausanne (CH) Docks Switzerland Inferno "
February 27, 1911 Montpellier (FR) Secret Place
February 28, 1911 Barcelona (ES) TBA
01 Mar 11 Madrid (ES)
TBA 03 Mar 11 Lisbon (PT) Revolver
03 Mar 11 Porto (PT) Hard Club
04 Mar 11 Angouleme (FR) Nef
05 Mar 11 Savigny (FR) Le Temple Empreinte
06 Mar 11 London (UK) Relentless 07
Garage Mar 11 Reading (UK) Sub
89 08 Mar 11 Glasgow (UK) Ivory Blacks
09 Mar 11 Liverpool (UK) Masque
10 Mar 11 Birmingham (UK) Library
11 Mar 11 Notre Dame De Gravenchon (FR) Arcade
12 Mar 11 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
13 Mar 11 Zaandam (NL) Kade

As you can see, this time single pass through Madrid and Barcelona , without stepping, unfortunately, the rest of the peninsula.

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How Many Calories Lasagna


* (c) from images, covers, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, Demoncy property of, or authors of Their Other copyright holders.

After 7 years unedited record, the legendary American band, most of the time-to-man Black Metal is mastering his new album. , titled "Enthroned Is The Night" , and still no exact date of departure. If no changes are expected 11 songs of cold and raw black metal that Ixithra , its frontman ( Profanatica , Raven's Bane , Profane Grace) has accustomed us.

The cover is provided by the English artist Juan Castilian , who has worked with many extreme metal underground bands such as VOMITORY or Asmodeus, and the same campaign designed "An illusion toy" , which performs artwork for ANAL T vo (not This criticism is, of course, since it is a professional who does what to do: hold on to anything while they pay, I just found it funny). More news


Official Web Demoncy

Demoncy Myspace

I leave also some links to the work of Juan Castilian: Official Web



Nerf Birthday Cake Shop

Theatre Of Tragedy release a CD / DVD posthumously.

* (c) from images, covers, logos and pictures Other Used in this text, property of Theatre Of Tragedy of Their Other authors or copyright holders.

Following its dissolution in 2010, Theatre Of Tragedy announced on its website that edited a CD / DVD in May 2011 . The list of items that will appear has not yet been confirmed.

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Ftv Midnight Uncensored

You: You know more Selena! ANDATE tired me! I have but very tired! because you do not get a person to love you have siesque change and stop trying to take away nick! ?
Selena: because YOU took from me nick! he and I were happy until you come hither! (breaking into tears)
You: but it is not the same because nick did not want you! 've done for advertising! I always always been apart!
Selena: this is not siertoo! siemper was a child like that was rejected as a friend of the Jonas ... ! noo you were here!
You: Was I silly! See if you're like a bell-TI TAN-TON-TA!
Nick: You girls seriously ENOUGH!
You and Selena: YOU SHUT UP!
Nick: I think I'll go .. openings if they meet their problems ...
Selena: I'm not stupid! but as you became the girlfriend of nick if you were so small!
Selena: well .. as it was for me publicdad as you know your not?
You: because we know for a long .. and met him so well that it is love .. !
Selena: you know seriously I surrender I surrender! I want someone who can love!
You: you know .. I am familiar to anyone who wants to be loved and to love .. if you want to present to you .. but stop torturing us so ..
Selena: It's okay:) enserioo as it is called!
You: Justin Bieber
Selena: Really! ayaya Make me a blind date ..
You: ok ..

fuee and last time she had denied everything said about you .. I was hanging out with Justin pond in good and were left to hate .. Past

time .. you were with nick and good .....

------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Chiicas! eestoy enfermaaa and without much inspiration! ajaja asiquee good Do not add more until after 15 tomorrow I gotta Brasill: D OHH SHII: D JAJAJAJA I buueno cuidenseee the thousand! agregen

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Matsuda Eyewear Collection

add me: D Happy New Year

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Ambico Tripod Parts V-0552

Girls (L)


Girls! I'm sorry for not posting very seguidoo! prometoo always be published, but esque this year and have been very hectic lately! you know the earthquake, tsunami, miners, Christmas, New Year! ...
and just for that I write today January 1st, 2011! oh sii: D Happy new year, I hope that 2011 will be better than the past 2010, which is full of love, happiness, peace ... and above all! is forbidden, but forbidden Esquea suffer for a man! but prohibited esque! they are not worth it! claroo give us happiness and love! but I finished being a hypocrite! believe me! happened to me! and believe me to be devastated! I liked a boy .. buenoo term and dating a friend of mine! and the worst! esque she knew that I liked and I can say enough! and not even that I was told they were dating! I heard from a friend! : S was very painful! but I realized alfinal valiaa not mourn for him! so it is! porfavoor be so and will not creaan feliices both men, as are playboys enseriio: S
Buueno! know that this year has been pretty hectic for us the Chileans, but also for artists Holliwood! and other countries around the world have been hit by hurricanes, earthquakes, ... For Artists
was hard .. even for Jonas! sales were down! Joe with ashley damn! and know Miley! I always been his fan eh! I could not believe she was drugged and alcoholisaraa smoke! I know the last thing that we todaaaas lOOo and we have done ever! named me! My particular: B! ajajaja good please do not judge the artists it is their VIIDA and they should feel trapped tied by people who do not even want to know but still! Think about it how would you feel if and only if the thousands of paparazzi that follow almost Magnifier and Flashlight! that APPALLING! esoo are sent by those embarraditas because they want free for a while, it still does not warrant that took drugs and drink .. but hey such is life right? I never had opened well with you both haha \u200b\u200band I feel excellent for esoo! hopefully with me do you too can take cuentaa Siempree me the support I can! after they leave my email anonymous obviously! good to know you can tell me their COOO etc. .. and I can help ok? buuenoo if you want to tell me something good mii anonymous mail is ok? add me and we can talk the quiiero

jiji mil:) talk!