Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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kitchen: Eggs beaten to the plate.

Pictures: Marilyn Monroe.

Today I show my culinary talent, it is likely that vari @ s envy me but also cook, and how!
This is an ancient recipe that taught me the great chefs of Europe and exclusively reveal to you, my dear friend @ s @ s.

Ingredients needed to make this delicious dish:

Two eggs. Well I have them, handsome! I know some have three exceptional cases. If so Put them all, you'd better about not missing! Still others have one ... So use it too! Simply nothing to lose!

This recipe was designed to be performed only by men. But, as I know, I hate censorship and absurd gender differences, any woman bold or wants to venture into the dining experience, do not repress yourself! Castra your husband, boyfriend or lover. If you lack them (the eggs, I mean men), get out there and crank the eggs to a neighbor or casual passerby. No matter how you get the eggs, much less their origin.

How to prepare:

depends on your sexual choice. If you're in a relationship with a woman is prepared in a way, if you're a man, the way is another. Do not worry, the realization will be the same: a delicacy worthy of the gods.

First step:

Mature woman: She comes in and says: - I notice that 24 and 31 come to eat my five siblings, their spouses, my fourteen nephews, father, mother and, as you imagine I can not leave my grandparents in the nursing home! Give me money to hire a catering service, with waiters and helpers! Do not pretend to cook and attend to all those people myself!

couple man: You're watching a movie and you'll discover just who is the murderer. Sign him and says, you still sitting watching that movie? It is eternal! One afternoon we might be sharing something together, and you sit watching a bad film! I had expected and you bore me more than a palm tree in Ethiopia. Come on, change channels I watch the final of tennis! Did not you hear me? What do you expect?.

In both cases, you'll see as the eggs begin to swell slowly seated and open your legs a little, Gently! No squeeze any eggs! Well, besides feeling intense pain, can damage the preparation.

Second step:

Mature woman: She comes back and says, - I will not wear the same clothes on 24 and 31!
What will my family think that I am a beggar? I've seen some dresses in Armani that will cause you to feel, ideal for the occasion. Sure, they're a bit pricey, but at least I'll be well dressed. Do not tell me during those days, I will be many hours in the spa. I want to be very relaxed. Then I will color in the salon and I ask my makeup that I design a make-up special. I will arrive some time before the guests, you take care of children and Please, that the house is spotless! Quiet, I will not ask you cash, that I pay with credit card!

couple man: Since I got tired of seeing this game, it was endless! (You never know how it ends the film you saw) Do you know what? I go no bathing suit, I am overweight! (As if you had not noticed), Well, looking good, you're not very fit to say, (I took care all winter, you fantastic!) So you already signed up for the gym I go to, so we went down several kilos them. Each man will you get cross-eyed! And you see each package! It notes that are well endowed! You know that this is not your strong ... At least I'm happy sight! Do not bother to talk about these things, right?

This is the highlight of the preparation. Still sitting and you should have your legs open more as the eggs reached a substantial size and also widened a bit, so you feel them lower. You stop suddenly and begin to shake the waist So no, you're not mating and eggs go to front and back! Move it in circles, like you're in the Polynesian dancing these dances wild! Come on, shake the eggs in a frenzy that a short while he might be about! No, not her ass! Move the eggs to win! Now, well beaten!
Take American dish (large) and put it between your knees to support the beaten eggs in it. Careful not to put you slide the plate and fall, Newton will make his, and his fucking law of gravity will cause the eggs you reach the ankles.

Dear friend, your preparation is much easier and faster: Take the eggs of the man who left a eunuch, put them in a blender and let it take care of the eggs on medium speed. It is important to beat the time about what it takes to touch up the nail polish. Once you have the eggs well beaten, serve them in an American dish, if you want to decorate them with some rose petals to give a touch of chic and voilà! You have your eggs, beaten to the plate! Do you see that has its advantages being a woman?

Lúzcanse the holidays with this recipe, make your guests adore @ sl @ s!



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