Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Monday Monday.


Monday, again starting Monday and a week that can be eternal, because I think none of us have s bridge. Therefore, the smile and must be installed on their faces monday. Do we try to smile together?

A man boards a plane at the Mexico City airport, bound New York, and sitting discovers a gorgeous woman who is entering the plane.

realize that is directed toward his seat and ... bingo! It fits in the place next door.

- Hello! - Question: - Business Trip or Vacation?

She looks at him and tells him so charming: - Work, go to the Annual Nymphomaniacs Convention in the United States.

swallowed ...... here is one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen, sitting next to him and goes to ... A nymphomaniacs convention!

Struggling to maintain an attitude correct, he asks calmly

- What exactly do you do in this convention?

- Speaker - It responds .... I speak from experience, to clarify some myths about sexuality.

- Really? - Smile - "And what myths are those?

- Well - she explains - A very popular is that blacks are physically fittest men, when in fact the Indians or natives who possess this quality.

- Another popular myth is that the French are the best lovers, when in fact they are of Greek descent. We have also found that the best potential lovers in all categories are of SPANISH.

Suddenly the woman is uncomfortable and blushes - Sorry - you said - should not really be talking about this with you ....¡ When not even know your name!

- WHITE BOOM! - He replies - WHITE FEATHER PAPADOPULOS PEREZ! - But my friends tell me ... MANOLO!

this rhyme I want to share my dear friend gave me MAGU , owner of the blog THE BOX OF RHYMES :

is my friend Don STANLEY
which starts with a monday
always cheerful and good vibes
a suicide bomber gets well
jokes with him about
fool and a mule stubborn
with your photos
motive he puts what one calls
actorcitos, actorazo
high, low, what churrazos
and the most beautiful divas
always all, mega stars
is a great friend
STANLEY get my good mood when I read
each post
remerita lacoste striped shirt or

detailed elegance marks us good momentum
if blogging were a science
wisdom He endowed him a blogger

elegant and fine sweet spirit
healthy energy gives us
watered us with their joy
with pleasure, light and good


Thank you, my dear friend! Has a supreme talent rhyme as well (I faith) speed that has to make is incredible. Do not forget to visit your beautiful blog , will spend a very entertaining, his rhymes are great.



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