Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Would you ask a favor? Today

Pictures: KEN ALAN.

week My last blog was four months and could not celebrate it as I do today.
One of my favorite songs is "Dancing in the dark." I am not referring to the great Bruce Springsteen song, I'm talking about an older, which has the same name.

also remembered this song for a film, the choreography is nothing more and nothing less than Bob Fosse, and when it became that wonderful musical called "Fosse, the musical" My friend, KEN ALAN fabulous dancer, well known on Broadway for his incomparable talent, danced this song in this show.

KEN I called to ask please that the dance for you, this time with the reassurance that I would say yes, it is a person who loves what you do and also never denied anything to your friends. Obviously I said yes, but ... There is always a but. For the version that came up with Fosse, plus KEN, involved a singer and a dancing couple. KEN is the soloist and could not do without them. When he noticed my disappointment, I said not to worry. The singer and the pair of dancers are very fond of him and on the due date would be all to do "Dancing in the Dark", with the design he devised the unforgettable choreography Bob Fosse.

And the day came! Today tod @ s dance for you KEN ALAN. You will be easily identified. KEN opens the show, and averaging the song comes back and gives us all his art at its best. Enjoy and I hope you like it!



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