Friday, December 10, 2010

How Much Does A Rabies Vaccine Cost For A Dog

Would you ask a favor? ROBERT

Images: Liza Minnelli.

In these times things get complicated. Some of my friends @ s @ s are on the road, otr @ s @ s remain installed in their homes organizing parties which are so close and not want to go.

So it's very nice to have a talented friend, warm and generous that I never say no. LIZA always comes when I call. It is a wonderful human being and therefore the master.

not I have to ask no favors, I know it does for the friendship that unites us. When I called, I interrupted to say: "Do not worry darling, I'm coming!

Why all pictures belong to the film Cabaret? Because CABARET LIZA going to sing.

And after all, Liza is right, Life is a cabaret! Now that I realize I dedicated a post ever. No matter, she knows how much I love and also your image is always on my blog.

Liza Minnelli sings for you. Enjoy it, is unique!



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