Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amika Straightener London Ontario

Monday Monday.


Monday, Monday ... again Yes, I know! You, my dear friend @ s @ s @ s English continue their endless bridge, nor will notice that today is Monday. But for us who do not live in Spain, is still most other Monday, with all that means.
issue will bring some good vibes, and at least try to smile. "We tried together?

In the dental ...

The dentist explains the man who would extract the tooth for what was going to be anesthetized, begins to prepare the syringe when the man interrupts:

- No needles, I have panic needles. ..

- Well - the dentist says, - Let us numb with a little gas ...

- No doctor ... I can not stand to have the gas mask on his face ...

The dentist brings a pill and gives the patient who takes it without protest.

- With the pads no problem ... do you just take?

- Viagra ... - says the dentist.

- ?...¿ Viagra Viagra For what he gave me?

- To be where I take hold as the tooth without anesthesia.

thank my friend ENRIQUE , owner of the blog eggstoucherfly II , this birthday gift to me:

Thank you, dear friend! And who still do not know your blog, be enraptured with its fantastic watercolors.



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