Monday, November 22, 2010

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Monday Monday.

Images: Joe Manganiello.

Good morning! Happy Monday to everyone! My joy is unusual because it is a bridge here today. I know, I I know! You do not, unfortunately. That's why I came to try to provoke a smile. "We tried together?

A farmer takes his truck to the mechanic to have it fixed.
As would be unable to repair it right away, decides to walk back to his farm, which was not far.

Before leaving town, stop at the hardware store to buy a bucket and a bottle of pintura.Luego passes through the butcher shop and buy 2 chickens and a piece of lamb.
But leaving the carnage, he realizes that he had a problem: How to take home everything they had bought. While

scratches his head, is about an old lady, who says he is lost, and asks:

- Can you tell me how I can get to the farm of Rodriguez?

The man answered:

- Well, actually my farm is very close to theirs. Gladly accompany her there, but do not know how I can go all the way, taking with me the things I have purchased.

The old woman says

- Why not put the paint into the bucket, grab it with one hand, put a chicken under each arm and carry the lamb with the other hand?

- Do you know who is right? - He says the man, and start walking. Five minutes later, the man says:

- You'd better let a shortcut that passes through this forest. So we save a lot of road.

The old woman looks warily and says

- I am a widow, and I have a husband to defend me. How do you know when we get to the mountain, gonna put me against a tree and going to rape me?

exalted man replied:

- For God's sake, lady! I carry a bucket a paint bucket 5-liter, two chickens and a quarter of lamb! You mean how do I do to put it into a tree and raped?

And the old lady replied:

- Place the lamb on the floor, cover it with the bucket, put the painting up
cube and I'll hold the chickens.

I want to thank my dear friend Sergio , owner of The Imaginarium blog. the beautiful gift that I did.

Thanks friend! Always so generous to me. Do not know your blog ? They have no idea what they're missing! It is an explosion of talent, originality, quality and warmth. There is still time. Must!



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