Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turn On Camera For Chatroulette

Would you ask a favor?

Images: Barbra Streisand.

This time it cost me! As you all know or imagine, is not easily accessible Barbra. And before the year was out, I wanted to sing for you.

One of my favorite songs of his vast repertoire is "The Way We Were" (He won the Oscar for best movie song ), the film of the same name, here called "We Were" and I think that Spain was entitled "The Way We Were."

In this wonderful film, directed by Sydney Pollack, Barbra performs one of his best work as an actress, with the talented Robert Redford. Highly recommended film for those who still did not see it.

I called and I said no because he had other commitments. A week later I called again and said "Maybe." And then I asked him please to sing this beautiful song, and finally accepted.

tod @ s Sing for you, nothing more and nothing less than the great and unique BARBRA STREISAND. Enjoy it, not wasted. For l @ s who are interested in clothing: In all his shows, he designed the costumes Donna Karan.



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