Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stephen Fry Audiobook

Cap: 78 I Hate The JB

tm: I can not believe .. _______ Have 21 only 21! like you are compromising at this age as me desepcionado ...
Tu Mama we're not married now ... we'll wait .. I never thought you were apart so .. aser nick is my best friend and my boyfriend ..
Tm: no longer know what to think here I am torn porlomenos 2 months I'll go to chicago where your grandmother ..
You: but do not get mad ..

your mom is going ...
You: selena! ESQUAD awwwwww !!!!!!!!!! I hate you!

LRSP you throw the left on the floor is separate nick but selena proffers hits you hit in the abdomen, you throw your hair and try to hang ......

You: I just want to ruin my life! desaparese! let me be happy (you jump to the ground rendered ..)
Selena: never! I love nick and you took it away!
You: andate! do not remove it, it was always my best friend is not my fault that you be completely worthless!
Selena: you are a poor PUTA! Your
; andate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick: come on selena .. let _____
You: I'm sorry ..
Nick: No matter deserved it ..
You: never leave me ... (whispers)
Nick: I never would do:)

next day were seeing in ocean up ... and see pictures of you hitting selena .. : S ..



apparently the star of glee _________ __________ is ah stick it to death with the star of the echizeros of waberly place! The cause of all this is alpareser Nicholas Jonas, So is the younger brother of the musical group The Jonas Brothers. Selena Gomez has given some statements ...

Journalist: What happened sel ah you? Selena
: _____ lastimoo me! just because I aserqe to nicholas ...
journalist, that made you ...?
Selena: I pull tufts of cabelloo, try to leave me breathless and I esguinso foot ..
Journalist: and precent any charge against him? Selena
: probably not ... I do not want to hurt .. since this nicholas pregnant, I can not be so ..
Journalist: Perdoon? ____ like nicholas pregnant? Not that nicholas has Chastity ring ..? Selena
: sii, but broke his promise to her for that are committed himself .. UPS ....
Journalist: ok .. selena thank you very much! the ITEP cuidate eh? Selena
: byye .. -------------------------------------------

end interview --- -------------------------------------

You: queeeeeeeee! I'm not pregnant! and you esguinse tampocoo foot!
Nick: suciaa! : S
You: and nose to do ...........

They played the door ...
You: I've gotta open


Sel: hello amigaa! let me pass!
You: you want! Sel
: pulling the band was obviously lying about the pie * emm ... saw the interview?
You: you're a bitch! I'm not pregnant
Sel: emmm ... noo but now everyone believes it

----------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Chiiicas write what prometoo siientoo but followed a besoote eh?''

Mimii! Your


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