Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Long Honeycombs Jeans

Where is Stanley Kowalski?

The rumor goes from mouth to mouth: Stanley Kowalski has disappeared and no trace or clues to his whereabouts. The entertainment and show business are shocked. Liza Minnelli canceled their concerts and scream like crazy on the phone, Almodóvar is "on the verge of a nervous breakdown" , Hugh Jackman threatens claws Wolverine , Patrick Dempsey refuses to open her green eyes, Josh Duhamel, Chris Pine, Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler organized a protest in the nude Walk of Fame Hollywood and Broadway rumors of a " sitting popular" . All ask reappear alive now! ... and un equipo de investigación journalistic blogger-salio el divo to get lost ...

- Kowalski ¿? ¿Stanley Kowalski? , No, he's still not enough ...

- Mr. Kowalski? No, he´s not here! We miss him…


- Mr. Kowalski? ... ¡No no no no, he is not here!

only we had a place as possible and headed

swiftly to La Plata. And in the village of maison Kowalski, find the nearby ...

- Hello Dear! Looking for our neighbor Stanley?

- (Of course you are looking for, look at the look of crazy that is ...)

- Do you have any idea where he might be?

- Drunk, wallowing and sleeping it off at any corner, is a party animal!

- not say that, he is a gentleman! If you saw how elegant it came out, all dressed in Gucci and Armani ...

- Insurance not changed his underwear ...

- an evil thought is you! Did not learned? Tomorrow, What day is it?

- "?

- Tomorrow is the birthday of Stanley! for several days and not see it!

- Because you will be arrested, like last year! Remember he was found dancing naked in the Fountain of the Nereid?

- Harpy! The celebrations begin tonight and will end late on Sunday I do not know if Monday will rise, will have a burnout, poor thing!

We leave behind the forked tongues and go to the news media. We do not know where is our dear friend, but one thing is certain: Tomorrow is going to have a happy birthday.




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