Monday, November 15, 2010

How Do You Say Baby In Latin

Monday Monday.


Monday Monday ... Think globally, an old song from the '70s, popularized by the group The Mamas and the Papas, Monday Monday called? Taking seven days a week, "Just draw it occurred on Monday? In short, it's Monday, singing or dancing is Monday and did not change anything. Better to smile, we have a long week ahead. I will try to help

The doctor asks a sample of sperm a man of 85 years.

As part of its annual health check gives a jar and said: - Take this jar home and bring it tomorrow with the sperm sample.

The next day the 85-years back the doctor's office and hands him the bottle so empty and clean as the day before.

Given the logical question of the doctor, The man explains:

- fulfilling the first tried with my right hand ... and nothing ... Then I tried with my left hand ... and nothing ...
then asked for help to my wife ... She tried her hand right ... then with your left hand and even with two hands ... and nothing.

That's when she told me - I know! He tried his mouth ... His teeth pulled on ... After the teeth and gave him gentle nibble ... And still nothing ...

My mother appeared and said: - "I will teach? Proved a good time in different positions and increasingly bizarre and there was no case.

- even call Susy, the girl next door. And she, who is very confident with me, also tried, first with both hands under his arm and then pressing between your knees up ... but still nothing!

The doctor almost in shock said: - You are encouraged to ask to her mother and her neighbor?

And the old man replied:

"Yes Doctor, none of us could open the bottle !!!...

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