Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot Cheetos In London ?

Monday Monday.

Pictures: Matthew McConaughey.

Monday, again Monday. But I have no fault! It was Pope Gregory XIII who created this calendar, indeed, bears his name (what humility). Well no choice but to get up, clean up and meet their obligations. Please, if a smile is better! I will try to help

a child comes to school with a black eye and the teacher asks:

- Alberto Tell me what happened?

And he responds:

- is that in my house are so poor they slept in the same bed
my parents, my brother and me. Last night my dad got my mom up and said:

Ah ... Aaah ... Aaaah ...!, until he turned to me and asked me

Son ... Are you asleep?

And I said: No daddy y. ..

Paff!, I gave a slap.

The teacher advised him

- Tonight, if you ask tries to stay silent ...

next day comes with another black eye and the teacher asks:

- What happened this time? Can not you stay quiet?

- is that tonight my dad also went over my mom and said

- Ah ... Aaah ... Aaaah ...! And I quietly, teacher ...

And my father faster: - Ah ... Aaah ... Aaaah ... Aaaaah ... Aaaaaah ...

And I quietly quietly, until my dad began:

- I'm going to run, I'm going to mail! '. And my mom said, 'I tambiééén!'.

And I was afraid and did not take me I said, 'What about me who do I stay? ".

And of course ... Paff!

- Well, when your daddy tell that to your mom stay silent.

The next day the child gets more beaten yet and tells the teacher:

- Another night my mom and dad over me quiet. And my daddy said

- Ah .... Aaah ... Aaaah ... But I quietly, quietly.

And my dad said again: - I'm going to run, I'm going to mail! ", And I quietly, quietly ...

Then the bed started moving very strong and my brother started to rebound until it fell off the bed breaking my neck and I moved ...

Then my dad told my mom: - That ... "We took another? '.

And I said

- No daddy, I get off by myself and y. .. Paff!

And now I want to show the pampering and gifts that my friends made me s this week:

ANTONY Sampson, owner of the blog CHRONICLES GUTS made me this beautiful gift:

Thank ANTONY, dear friend, always so kind!

LISEBE , owner of the blog YOUR BLOG CARESSES , gave me this gift:

The certificate of friendship I have the illusion of sharing it with someone you love very much and although the distance is my dear child, my little treasure, my STANLEY KOWALSKI. The glamor in person and points ..

Thank you, my dear friend, You know how much I love you!

MARINA sent me this picture. I said nothing because I was embarrassed but ...

Thank you, my dear friend. You're a love!

MONICA, owner of the blog Demon, returns to entertain me:

I have no words to thank you so much pampering, You're very generous!

And my great friend FC WALTHER, blog owner permission to dream, I was honored with these beautiful awards:

I thank you very much, dear friend!



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