Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gpsphone Pokemon Saves

Would you ask a favor?


I really like Hugh Jackman, I think a talented actor, but he has not yet touched the "character" that allows you to display the great talent he has, I mean in the movies. In the theater and has shown And how! It is one of the leading figures on Broadway.

Recalling his brilliant performance in the musical "Boy from Oz" where he plays a gay singer Peter Allen (now deceased) and won the Tony Award for best musical actor: I happened to call to recreate some of the pictures of that wonderful work.

I asked the favor, and as HUGH if anything is that it is willing to please their friends, I said yes, and I ignore all that he is responsible. I will still appreciate your generosity.

This Friday, HUGH JAKMAN gets back into the character of this popular gay singer, exclusively for you. I assure you that will surprise, as the tough macho image we all know through their action films will disappear thanks to the acting versatility that has this great performer. Enjoy it is for you.



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