Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dr Hauschka Buy Germany

I'll stay without friends. . .

Pictures: Marilyn Monroe.

- Hello dear! So many months without us!
- Blessed are the eyes that see, good girl!
- This winter has been very crude. Do not stick your nose into the street ...
- Not me speak! From rheumatism and chilblains, I was almost prostrate!
- Poor! At least it came time cute. Did the fourth went to the butcher?
- And ... Both buy chorizo, no catches my attention!
- But the husband was living in an apartment ...
- You can not go by the horns ...
- Do not be bad! God will punish you! And our neighbor Stanley stole the blog!
- Please! You believe everything they say!
- but stolen, that bad people and bad!
- he stole it! Had few comments and wanted to get attention. It is very dear simple, use some neurons, Who would steal such a mess?
- because you want it! Better change the subject. As I was cooped up all winter, I read all his followers!
- What a way to waste time! I read only a few ...
- turned his Perrita ! I'm so happy!
- did not know you had a pet ... I'm sure he left the door open and the dog escaped ...
- No, I have no dog! I mean the Perrita , which has a blog. Again so quietly that almost no one knew.
- Ah! Is that? Well it would come back with drums and clarinets! It is a scoundrel!
- Why say that? She is an artist, a painter, sculptor, and mother, his blog is charming and told me to paint like a god!

- I do not know who can be said that, but use common sense and imagine the paint daubs that if drugged all day ...
- Lies! I know a very good source, people speak with envy!
- Do you have any idea where was these months?
- I guess in a spiritual retreat, she is a creator, a bohemian, looking for new ideas to shape his art ... She is an artist!
- Now they call it retreat? What also is believed artist? He was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic for alcoholics and drug addicts! "Bohemia? Instead say orgies of sex, drugs and alcohol. He lives with his groin red hot! In the neighborhood call it "The Glow" ... Famous is why creative with the poses ...

- To paint or sculpt?
- No be naive! To ...
- Please do not say that I heart!
- Plus ... Gossips say you love animals too ...
- Merciful Virgin! Poor girl, at least recognize the noble gesture that had to come back and tell their misery ... Is that drugs are a scourge and it is so sensitive ...

- But if she did not have anything!
- And how do you know all this? Who said it?
- Nobody. Just read what you write on the blog and Facebook drew my own conclusions dear.
- But you realize that you are slandering this girl? Holy Mother! I'll have to go running to confession!
- I am never wrong with people, and wheat that is not clean! It also has every friendship! And those services are not left an overnight ...
- For Christ's sake, say no more about this girl, do not bear the slander! It's clear that you and I ever going to put us under the Stanley-friendly. You do not like anybody!
- Yes! Do not say stupid things, there is one I like a lot!
- I can not believe it! Who do you like?
- America, I love your blog!
- Really? A crazy me your blog!
- That woman really knows how to write, know a lot of English culture, is a specialist in Dutch, is a fan of Garcia Lorca's work and meet all the artists who were inspired by this dance, is a delight to read ! She is the only excuse not to do the housework. His time is dedicated to culture and that is priceless!

- Chavez should be appointed ambassador to Spain!
- Best do not get into politics, my dear. And what Chavez has to do all this?
- But you know that is not English? It is Venezuela! It is also a beautiful girl is perfect!
- No, not perfect. Has one major flaw.
- It seemed to me that we were too agree! What defect was found?
- is a friend of Stanley. Do not understand how a woman so cultured and refined to read the garbage you write this guy!
- Again with Stanley! I do not want to hear! I better go make dinner ...
- How late it is! I'm going too ...
- But first ... I wanted to tell you ... I see quite chubby ... not going to offend!
- Gordita? Gorda! I'm too fat!
- Do not worry dear, is that in winter you eat more than necessary ... The cold hungry!
- I'm not fat by cold! My husband almost a year since I played, and everything that I put out there, I'll stick it in the mouth ...
- Divine Mercy! The things you say! Remember that I am very Catholic ...
- And you ... Do you have sex with your husband?
- How dare you ask me that! I do not speak of those things! My religion will not let me ...
- But women, we are confident, Count, count!
- Well ... No, I have sex with my husband ...
- I know! You are not to!
- If ... If you for ... But when it is to ... is shit!
- Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Then cider put a cork in the ass!

NOTE: This is my tribute (unorthodox) to two dear friends and great bloggers. THE BITCH , owner of the blog LAPERRASEESCAPĂ“ , with its incredible mark, its people and their gift of unconditional love with friends and AMERICA, owner of precious blog MY SPACE FLAMENCO, where the large letters, Featured artists and unforgettable flamenco dancers, live happily in that space. Two blogs insurmountable and recommended for those @ s that do not yet know. Passing through them and check what they say.

I want to dedicate a paragraph Blog addition to AMERICA. Since I am so lucky, having been touched with the magic wand that gave me tant @ s @ s Dear Friends, @ s @ s English, I speak especially ell @ s. This fascinating lady, with Venezuela, spends his free time researching and diving into your rich culture. Please ask them to visit your blog, have no idea what @ s pride to be felt, as I feel if a foreigner is devoted to study thoroughly the culture of Argentina. As is well born to be grateful, visit it and leave him a comment thanking you, it costs nothing and this beautiful lady is the least he deserves. Of course, thank you very much.



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