Monday, November 29, 2010

Blades Or Studs In Rugby?

Monday Monday.

Images: JUDE LAW.

Monday! And what a Monday! It is the first Monday that I'm so exhausted, as a logical consequence of five nights of celebration of my birthday. But happier than ever, because I had a very, very good! Besides the enormous joy I feel for the greetings and gifts that you gave me, I never tire of thanking. Dear Friends, @ s @ s are wonderful @ s!
I will try to convey my smile to mitigate the beginning of this week:

A chief Mafia discovered that his accountant had diverted $ 10 million of the box.

The accountant was deaf. So was admitted to the work because it could not hear anything, in case of an eventual arrest and process, it could act as a witness.

When the Chief was asking for 10 million, took his lawyer, who knew the language of the signs of the deaf.

ask the Chief Accounting Officer: - Where are the 10 million that you took?

Counsel using the language of signs, I sent an inquiry to the accountant, who in turn responded signals.

- I do not know what they are talking. Counsel translated it for the boss.

- He says he does not know what we speak.

The gangster pulled out a .357 Magnum pistol and pointed it at the head of accounting, shouting
- Ask again ...

Counsel signals through said
- He'll kill if not tell where the money is.

The accountant responded with signs:

- Ok, you won, the money is in a brown leather bag, which is buried in the garden of the house of my cousin Enzo, at No. 400, Street 26, Block 6 of the district of Santa Martha, my cousin is not now and come back in two months.

The gangster asked the lawyer.

- What?

The lawyer said

- says he shits on you and that bitch go to the mother that bore him, he's not afraid of dying and missing lots of eggs to pull the trigger ... .

In the previous post, I thanked your comments, I am going to presume to gifts I received, but first I want to clarify some @ s @ s friend that I am a Scorpio, I'm Sagittarius to the core. Otr @ s also doubted whether it was the birthday of my blog or mine. understandably confused by the name of the blog. No, it's my birthday. Now the gifts!

First thank you for the videos that I spent: EUNICE, MORGANA, BEA, delirium, ISRA, MARINA, MARLENE and what tod @ s @ s @ s Facebook friend who did.

My dear friend EURICE , owner of the blog THE DARK AND DUSTY ATTIC OF MY MEMORY , plus several videos and poetry in French, I dedicated this post:

Stanley Kowalski is a happy birthday, and I just need you to go to your precious blog congratulations, is a esthetician, a lover of cinema, art, music, fashion, prose, rhapsody and historías.Posee a wonderful warm voice with that Argentine accent that you can enjoy listening. Friend shared divine treasure ...
with a heart, never tainted by envy.
you a good friend, generous, shy to deceive you, prodigal who love you, simple with friends.
Your mind is the friendship, my excessive admiration and affection, strong as those stones that dot the roads, or bathe in the sea ... Someone, one day redeem, so that it can store and recall that lived in your company ...
Maybe if these stones speak only say nice things about you, as the day I met you and would never forget.

As I said before, I have no words to thank you so much affection.

My dear friend FRANCO, owner of the blog VELLHOMO2 gave me this post:

Happy Birthday, Stan!
Today's birthday dear platense Stanley Kowalski, and I send my warmest hug to wish her many congratulations on your day. Stanley, Knight of the blogosphere, I always showed total disregard for their generosity and giving me your friendship and being respectful of the early followers as soon undertook the opening of any of my other blogs. Thing I want to thank and also timely recommendation thereof. I believe that, as he says, pays tribute to friendship, and of course, after tending to the hundreds of friends who continually receives on his blog, probably will be a walk around the cafe, where we will be waiting all commentators on Vellohomo to give you the warm welcome they deserve, and blow more candles. I wanted to leave this humble greeting, Stanley: Happy birthday to you!

I also delivered a very personal present, but more curios l @ s @ s can see here.

Thank you dear friend as affectionate as ever.

PAULA, owner of the blog SHARED STORIES, made me this gift, according to its nature insatiable men:

I love you, Gorgeous!

BREKIAZ , owner of the blog Im 'not lost ... Just Undiscovered , gave me this beauty:

Thanks beautiful, you know how much I love you, I loved the design!

CELE, owner of the blog ILUSCAVE: STORIES, HUMOR AND LOVE ; designed this banner especially for me:

heart I thank you, dear friend!

SANTIAGO, PAULA AND MARCELO , blog owners NEURONS IN LEAK , my goddaughter! I made this precious gift:

You know how much I love, and how lucky I was to have three godchildren luxury. They are the best!

My dear friend BECERRA CARLOS HUGO, had the courtesy to me this this:

I appreciate very much, my dear loyal friend. You are a sensational type!

Kinh, owner of DA AMIGA FASHION blog , I gave photos in my city, La Plata, when he was walking around here:

Muito obrigado Kinh , Você é maravilhosa!

GAVIOTA , owner of the blog THE PERFUME , met the same birthday! And I gave this banner, like all his followers:

Many GULL thanks, ever so lovely. I hope you've had so much fun as me!

GIULIO, a dear Italian friend on Facebook, sent me these flowers:

Grazie! A bacio!

JOSEF also Facebook friend sent me this gift:

JOSEF Thanks, dear friend!

JESSICA , a lovely lady I met on Facebook, I gave this:

Thank JESSICA , loving Sos!

LEYLA , a dear friend of my real world, gave me the preciousness:

Thanks LAW, for this and for all non-virtual gifts to me did! I love you!

MASTURINI MONICA, Facebook friends, it was agreed me from sending this in mind:

Thank MONICA, you're a love!

CHRISTIAN, owner of the blog A WORLD ANIMAL , gave me this banner, and coincided with the celebration of its first two hundred thousand visits:

CHRISTIAN Thanks, and hope you have thousands more visits, Your blog deserves it!

LUIS MORALES, great friend of Facebook, designed this wallpaper for me:

LUIS I thank dear, and congratulations on your art!

My dear friend MARINA, as well as a poem in Portuguese, gave me some wonderful gifs:

Thanks dear and beloved friend, for you took the job!

Again I thank wholeheartedly SUSANA , owner of the blog SUZANNE CAVE:


And Potter, owner of the blog IN THIS BLOG FOR POTTER :


Without their generous disposition, to take over posts the 24/11 and 25/11 respectively, I could not have enjoyed the five nights of celebration. Thank you, my dear dear friend @ s @ s!

Finally, I warmly thank my colleagues who never came to my blog, and yet they did to greet me. This gesture shows the people skills they have. Very much thanks!

And thank you to @ s that greeted me. I appreciate the authenticity of people, although they could have done, if circumstances so warrant, did not. I love people who are faithful to their principles, as well as sincere. Thank you very much.



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