Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gpsphone How To Find Saves

Cap 67 I Hate The JB

you fell asleep in the embers of nick as you wake up at 9 am and could not find your clothes searching and searching you found you got a shower, gave him a kiss on the cheek to nick who was sleeping like an angel, but inside it was a sexy devil and you knew perfectly .. you left and when you came to your house you see your mom sitting on the couch waiting for ...

TM :_______! These are not hours of arriving, perhaps now you are back to your old andansas?!
You: what?
Tm: do not play the silly girl! Before when I was traveling with this guy Trace! When you hibas from party to party!
Your Mama! as you distrust that! CHANGE YO! and if you do not believe me Good for you, with nick estava mama! OK? You know I DO NOT SPEAK! (The 2 were yelling)
TM: I do not talk like that! (Raising hand)
You: you're going to do going to hit me?! DO IT! See how I tremble!
TM: Do not tease me! _______ _______! (Nya)
You: See how I tremble!
TM: (you paste a slap) How dare you!
You: (with hand on the cheek) I me fed up!
TM: I hope you have not done anything with Nicholas Osin not really NEVER AGAIN!
You: quiet hise not anything I do not regret having echo!
TM (with inaccuracies! Already had discovered, it came to you and felt the smell of perfume for men) Get out now! YOUR ROOM, I guess at least they did with protection! NOT REALLY NO MORE OISTE ME!
You: Yes, I hisimos with protection, but that does not even dream about! NICK IS MY BOYFRIEND DO NOT YOU GET!
You left!
You came to your room crying, call Nick and tell them to join him ....

--- Call You: nick!
Nick: I love because you left!
You: My mom arrived today and discovered what we did and does not see you anymore, but that will not ever happen. Juntemosnos need to see you!
Nick: quiet, veamosnos now going to aya rocks! Amoo a kiss!
You: Adii!
- Weekend Call -

You: miley gotta go if I tell you after a besiito! Miley
: Adii!
You left your house with a portaso.
run on the beach and there was nick waiting for, when he saw you stood up and ran asia you ..
You open it and kiss you ..
Nick: What happened?
You: my mother discovered us, your perfume on my clothes ... and does not see you anymore .. but that's not going to happen, I love you and never leave you!
Nick: we'll get together in secret ..
You: slapped me and NO we will not nick the sly! She will have to understand that I love you!
Nick: okay, just do not want to get in trouble, I love you! and wanted to ask you something ... Saca
hermoosoo an engagement ring! (I can not put girls photo, but imaginencelo not know why!)
Nick: will you marry me?
You: nick have 21!
Nick: Yeah but we can compromise and wait a few years ...
You: I love you!
Nick: That's a yes?
You: tontiito you who believe!
Nick: sii?
You: sii! Nick
you put the ring on his finger .. (danielle was like to give you an idea)
You open it and you kiss ..

Nick: (as of burns) You're beautiful wise? (While walking on the sand)
You: Who knew we were going to end up being boyfriends?
Nick: I knew it the perfect destination ...
love you Nick: I always liked you know?
You: mmm ... I had no idea.
Nick: and you, before you liked? Your
Selena: nick!
Nick: hi selena
You: Always ..
Nick: (kisses)
You: Look! (You show your hand to selena) Selena
: ahh are committed?
You: Yeah ...
Selena: but ____ is not going to tell your mother?
You: obviously not! yet ..
Selena: what a shame
Tm: ...

----------------------------------------------- -------------

Girls! dm biien I was but I was more or less on reading compreciion! touches my oral tomorrow! so here RESEN FOR MII!



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