Monday, September 13, 2010

Transferring Pantion From Ireland To Australia

Cap # 65 I Hate The JB

You and nick sat on the rocks to see assembly as connected the sky with the sea ...
You: nick really nose to do with demi ..
Nick: do what you think is best.
You: nick, quiiero not lose a friend! encerio if nothing had happened between you that I. .. (got off look) I would not be in this situation with demi ..
Nick: What siiento if you put in that situation with demi all my fault .. (Ii will be to go empiiesa)
You: nick (it takes Bras) do not go ..
Nick: I know that this should not be happening between us, we were born to be friends, not Novii! (Shouting)
You: nicholas, with you? (By cleaning the tears falling down your face were going)
Nick: We ended
You: (confused face)
Nick: I do not want you to wear so my fault, but truth about us not working. (She goes to kiss)
You: (you run the face) Andate ...
Nick: do not get well for my
You: I love nick much, but I see your not me, because if you loved me as I do would spend all these crises, Adii!

you went walking on the beach crying when you get to a more distant part to nick you sit down to watch the moon ...

You: (cleaning your tears) nicholas why I do this to me? that I do not see much harm SEA! And here I am loving you like a fool! Nick

tii appears behind and you do not realize ..

Nick: I love you too dumb, ii ago everything I do so that you do not suffer.!
You: (look back) I do more damage than you expect .. (Nick sits next to you)
Nick: I do not want to lose, but also want you to miss a friend and I do not want to lose you as my best friend ...
You: nick are as different stars and planets! The girls come from Venus and men from Mars! we do not understand!
Nick: Even so opposites attract .. and I love you more than life!
You: never leave me!
(you lie in your lap)
Nick: I never would! (Play with your hair)
You: I love you too much to let you go!
Nick: I too was a fool in desirte that!
You: I love you Nick
You look at me (you look in the eyes)
Nick: (I run a strand of hair and takes your face with both hands, put your nose next to yours and stuck to his forehead yours) Never, NEVER listen to me stop loving you!
You: (nod cabesa)
Nick: (kisses in a provocative way)


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