Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nerf Gun Birthday Party Cake

Jonas Happy B-day:)

Happy birthday dear nicholas. ! I can not believe I'm 18! is unusual and wuuuaaauu adult! I think it is incalsable for me: S but hey that is going to do. A September 16, 1992 naciio this beautiful cantanteque delirious with his music makes beauty ii billion chiicas! I hope this year will be one of the best in your life ii ajajjaja not continue growing!
buueno a adiiios besooo!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Transferring Pantion From Ireland To Australia

Cap # 65 I Hate The JB

You and nick sat on the rocks to see assembly as connected the sky with the sea ...
You: nick really nose to do with demi ..
Nick: do what you think is best.
You: nick, quiiero not lose a friend! encerio if nothing had happened between you that I. .. (got off look) I would not be in this situation with demi ..
Nick: What siiento if you put in that situation with demi all my fault .. (Ii will be to go empiiesa)
You: nick (it takes Bras) do not go ..
Nick: I know that this should not be happening between us, we were born to be friends, not Novii! (Shouting)
You: nicholas, with you? (By cleaning the tears falling down your face were going)
Nick: We ended
You: (confused face)
Nick: I do not want you to wear so my fault, but truth about us not working. (She goes to kiss)
You: (you run the face) Andate ...
Nick: do not get well for my
You: I love nick much, but I see your not me, because if you loved me as I do would spend all these crises, Adii!

you went walking on the beach crying when you get to a more distant part to nick you sit down to watch the moon ...

You: (cleaning your tears) nicholas why I do this to me? that I do not see much harm SEA! And here I am loving you like a fool! Nick

tii appears behind and you do not realize ..

Nick: I love you too dumb, ii ago everything I do so that you do not suffer.!
You: (look back) I do more damage than you expect .. (Nick sits next to you)
Nick: I do not want to lose, but also want you to miss a friend and I do not want to lose you as my best friend ...
You: nick are as different stars and planets! The girls come from Venus and men from Mars! we do not understand!
Nick: Even so opposites attract .. and I love you more than life!
You: never leave me!
(you lie in your lap)
Nick: I never would! (Play with your hair)
You: I love you too much to let you go!
Nick: I too was a fool in desirte that!
You: I love you Nick
You look at me (you look in the eyes)
Nick: (I run a strand of hair and takes your face with both hands, put your nose next to yours and stuck to his forehead yours) Never, NEVER listen to me stop loving you!
You: (nod cabesa)
Nick: (kisses in a provocative way)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Does Removing A Cervical Polyp Hurt

Cap # 64 I Hate The JB

Woke up in the morning by the cries of miley with liam (They were stick it out because you had for breakfast! When you feel strips upstairs to nick the floor!

Nick: Auuch!

You: get under the bed now!

Nick: pff this biien!

Sign miley ..

Miley: Hello hermaniita! how are you!

You: biien! Hi liam!

Liam, hello! yesterday did not talk much, you were almost an hour talking with Nicholas in the kitchen: S

You: ah sii negociiios .. guys if quiiero not bother me being alone in a low ratiito ii ah thanks for breakfast! :)

Miles and Liam: I hope anything down ..

You: if:)

liam miley and down and your breathing you could alfin ..

You: nick qe I'd better let you go

Nick: but before a besiito quiiero yours!

You: nick!

Nick: This biien then you say if I eat voi we shower, we dressed up and met on the beach, on the rocks ..?

You: for me is excellent!

Nick: Then we nurse at 15.00?

You: see you later!

Nick: I quiieroo adio VIIDA mii:)

You: bye!

Nick: uii that heavy!

You: chaii buenoo!

Nick: Adii!

salioo out the window .. Ate

showering and you got it ..

got off the 14.00 were already talked a bit with the kids ..
You: hello! Liam
:_____ biien you look really going somewhere? Your
.: Ah sii yoo quiiero the beach for air! Liam
: ahh as these? long time no talk ..!
You: if the truth, well I think it exceeds nick and all was well at work, I feel biien liviiana and you?
Liam: mmm .. biien, with some problems with miley, but I do not want to finish the board much but a lot with these friends of hers that I did not fall very well ..
Tu: Judging from quiet do not, just try to follow your CORASON, although done with my sister going to remain my friend! liam are wonderful! any girl I wish you and miley esque truth you are losing little by little ... and remember that you quiiero much, so I would do much to help:)
Liam: ______ graciias! I also quiiero much, but I see you are a pco bad about nick ..
You: what hurts me is not that Allam over, is that we stop being what they were best friends in life! and it hurts me but I think we
to be turning his wedding when I took the breakfast we went under the bed ..
Liam: for (disrupts you) you and nick ...: S
You: tontoo noo! ajajajj'm only sleeping aquii! and gone we will gather at the beach! :) Liam
: ahh pff! scare me!
You: (looking at his watch) ahii no! I'm late! wish me luck:)
Liam: biii fence luck to you .. nick
You: thank you
Adii fuuiste to the beach and was ahii waiting for you .. nick
baronil saw his figure as with shorts and a shirt ..
You: hello ..
Nick: Hi ..
You: Miss me?
Nick: much .. (I run a strand of hair puts you behind the ear, you stick to your body with one hand and the other holds your face and increasingly ASERCA to kiss you, was long and beautiful ..)
You: come, come on (mordiiendote lip)
Nick: do not know how you're beautiful.! Your
: nick, shut up! ajajaja
Nick: I do not know how you desire, at this time .. Your
: nick have only 18!
Nick:: y estoi ready to break my promise to make you mine! I tenrte in my arms! Your
; know is more tender than anyone I said ah! quiiero but you break your promise ..
Nick: This biien (Disappointed)
You: aii tontiito! (The kiss) are going to take sun if?
Nick: mm quiiero this biien but another one of those ..!
You: another? and all who quiieras! :)
chiicas I became a tiiempiitoo to write! try to do more follow sii? Adii kiss