Saturday, June 5, 2010

Raven Riley Vs Kates Playground Mov

Cap # 60 and 61 I Hate The JB

arrive the day of your birthday 19 made the super duper hyper mega party! were dancing with kevin and nick desaparcio you view ...
You: kevin nick ire esperame looking for ...
Kevin: no fences, no dancing quedate we're seeing (as if trying to hide something)
You: I do not go looking
Kevin: Stay (and grabbing)
You: NO! (You hit on your part and Sălişte Just go to)
went out into the yard and found a nick kissing Demi ...
You: noo nick, demi .. No!
sauce into the street and followed your makeup ETSAB aimlessly were run sitting in a corner crying did not know where you were, the desert is that 2 people in this world more Qeri betraying you were lost abiaas walked aimlessly through the night I fell asleep and woke up the next day were avia a little girl beside you for a fan he seems to a girl with no more than 13 years ..
You: where I am '
Girl: hello heres your _ __?
You: if who are you?
Girl: my name is amanda amanda might not happened to you??
You: you swear not to tell anyone s elo!
Girl: If you clear all the makeup smeared otherwise I'm a fan of yours aria
all for you You: thanks look what has happened is that I was at my birthday party I saw kissing nick demi: S what a great birthday present and I left the party crying and nose where I am now ... Amanda
: pucha that I can really only thought that was very tender ...
You: if yto felt just never thought that I would betray one of my BFF's: / amanda where estoi?
Amanda: in malibu outside my house ..
You: thank em I'll take care much much thanks for helping as I can make up "? Amanda
: everything is fine with anything does not matter!
You: no you my phone number anything happens call me but you can not give anyone please keep that well hidden will come back to my house and nose goodbye (the scorched and gone)
got your house was all very orderly .. entarste your feet and you saw miley with liam asiqe you went to the rose garden you loved was your favorite flower you sat next to them and we started to think lso good times with nick and demi .. you realize that you were crying miley suddenly comes and sees you and burns you mourn ..
You: miley because I knew I should not but ise for love because I and demi! with demi! Miley
: nose sister nobody knows we know these unlocks ...
You: do not never want to see anymore! I have scared a lot of fear. Miley
: quiet so that we liam and me.
enters and burns You
liam You: thanks guys I love them but idk if this is what can forgive nick and demi least. Liam
: talk to nick about it and told me I was very distressed and was out for drinks.
You: I do not think that is desert. conpermiso ire to see taylor ...
Liam and Miley: o well ... see you When you leave the yard
encuentars you a nick in the room picked up your bag and waiting for the door crusade or not .. crusade Ubiera seen the doorway and you went running home crying to taylorllegaste and I went to taylor resivio your room and b were bad bone one of your BFF's you abia traiciondado with your boyfriend. desaogaste you talked to her and go back home it was raining were styled sacandote you entered at your feet you see the jacket and nick sitting in a chair you had there
You: that aces here?
Nick: I wanted to come to apologize
You: no thanks
Nick: I'm so sorry was out of cups and demi kiss nose for nose was drunk!
You: no thanks I do not want your apology nicholas go here I do not want peace in my room, I do not ah despicable people so here mequiere not go if I want to see mourn
nick: bye ...
Sefue nick your feet and querdo outdoors in the rain waiting to come down he was frozen ...
You opened the door ..
You: nick up ..
Nick: that if I want to see
You: you offer your hand up * I love me UP or with a smile of forgiveness ..
Nick: okay
takes your hand * You: losiento much, or you never want to lose but nose nose nick happened ..
Nick: okay no matter ..
already in the room ..
You: nick because demi?
Nick: Your nose
, and because my birthday?
Nick: I'm sorry love nose
You: it does not matter with downcast eyes *
Nick: If you care about love I want to lose
You: nick and I can not be missed and coworkers more than I can not my CORASON of aborrese currently
sorry Nick: You can skip some time to think
You: thanks
Nick: nothing
You: ncik sleeps on my feet now that do not share it with miley miley I sleep with mine and you in me I'll go to sleep sleep well ...
Nick: goodbye my love
You: bye You and Nick
whisper, do not forget me and 2 aria never be answered and walked away .... ivan


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