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62 I Hate The JB!

came down to breakfast in the morning and you went to the living room to watch tv, then uploaded to your feet and found a note and an orchid ... (flower the perfect woman) 25/06/1910

Well, first of all thanks for letting me sleep in your room last night,
you leave everything as it was, and I leave a gift ... search for it.
Flower Dress? aya hope you liked it for me that mean ...
guess you know the meaning of an orchid ... and if not good then you
'll say ... a kiss ..

Nicholas Jonas "

You: nick nick nick!

we started to look for gift of course you had left good nick and you get it a chocolate with a note ...


Hi, found the chocolate! Hahaha now go to the chocolate and look for Charlie
ok? She's the blonde ...

kiss Nick "

you pretty well clothed in a flowered dress with a black belt, cork-heeled shoes, which are suppose to know .. and you go with your flower ...

llegatse to the chocolate and find Charlie ... I spent a very nice box of chocolates that you like! and another note ...


find Charlie! Save me a chocolate! Ajaja
now sees the florist and ask for john ...

With love Nick

loosed a smile ...

Charlie: is your boyfriend?
You: no ...
Charlie: Friend?
You: nose truth that we are ...
You: buenoo thanks!
went out .. went to the florist ..

X: Hi this John?
X: Here is talking to you .. beautiful young lady described it the same way you and I see that telling the truth take here's your bouquet of orchids and their little note ...
You: Thanks John ...


Well! Hello again, I liked the orchids? Hopefully if
Go to central park pass over the bridge that we like and you'll
be waiting for someone ...

a hug

Nick "

You: jonas!
John: her boyfriend?
You: no ..
are nothing John: oh what a pity the young paresis be very much in love ...
You: yes but not me .....
John: emm (arches its nervous that I messed) it is grabbing good afternoon ...
You: Yeah, well thanks!

went through the bridge you were smelling your bouquet of orchids and you see nick, but you were very angry with you a smile innate came after it was all the more sweet that someone had cast for you was magical because none of the stupid with those who had left before I could have done that .. after all if he had feelings .. nick
stop you stay there ... nick approached, I stare, I take you by the waist and I look into your eyes but do not kiss stared biting his lips for a while and then gave you a nice kiss was gentle, affectionate, subtle, I treat you as if you were a glass ...

Nick: sorry if I'm desperate nose to do ... I love you with my life (the paparazzi did not know that you were together ...) idk if you can live without you, you air, you hear me, 're my best friend and you do not want to miss ...

You: nick me neither, but ...

Nick: but that!

You: Demi kissed you and it hurts so kiss your boyfriend with your best friend! you were one of the 10 people that I love with my life and I think we should not make us much harm, not born to be together! born to be best friends, and so far I do not want a boyfriend just asked someone to love me sincerely, without deceit, as I am broke and will not be fulfilled with Cory for you and I see that it was worth it!

Nick: Do not talk so, we love and we can move forward ...
: First let me forgive ami ...

Nick: why?

You: for letting you go ...

Nick: todabia got me here, I've lost ...

You: nick nose! OK! NOSE! I precione! made me think a lot of damage and now ... (You broke my voice) that kiss with orchids and marshmallows! they do not and you know very well! Spent many broken hearts are doing for me and little did they burn! Nicholas did not (it hurt too much to say this) do not want you in mii life! I want to be alone!

Nick: because I throw out everything!

You: now I spoiled everything?

Nick: yes!

You: because you know that look that aces not pull me! you expect it or be a rock star! with that look I'll have at your feet! Well no! Nicholas! I hate you!

(you passed the things I had given)

Nick: stay with the orchids! are for you
not Nick: Keep it!
You: okay!

you left you were going through a trash can and threw the bouquet, but the funny thing was that desides stay with 1 ..

came to your house and you repented so here came back to central park and never found a nick, you were going when then appear from behind a tree ...

You: nick! Asia

ran him and planted a kiss ... and were burned for a long time ..

teniaa Girls Sorri esque echo the chapter and so here I get off me so I had to return to: /



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