Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Toddler Nintendo Ds Lite Games

Cap # 58 A terrible accident

Selena: jajajaj si si came with Nickk aquuiii but as more daa tie tantoooo amoo (L)
Cory: I like, I love ___ muii normall but a little mass necesitoo action! (Think: 1313: D) (kiss)
Selena: OMG!
You: that ????????
Nick: SELENA Selena
: aquii doing together!
You: We are a couple (rather nervous)
Selena: What!
You: the nose eesquee sientoo easy step! Selena
: these things do not just happen
Nick: Abes spend alone I love __________ from Siempree nose if it too but we love and you're not going to be able to separate us!
Selena: then Cory and I are dating
TU: that! Selena
: sii esque get bored of you!
You: cory, how could you!
Cory: how could you!
You: did you know that I loved him! I told you from the beginning
Cory: Like Selena
: treacherous! bad friend! (crying)
You:; claroo now I'm the bad guy! and say that you recently heard about nick that stabs the boring!
Selena: good is the truth
You: bitch! Nick
:_________ vamonos!
you go with nick you felt as far away as wise as it was selena ia to tell everyone!
You: I have fear nick: S (even in the car) Nick
: fear that beautiful lady?
You: that all nickte selena love to publish it but I need quiet in our relationship
Nick: Do not worry if I love you and you love me everything will be alright (is ivan to kiss)
* cuandoo then appear out of nowhere a truck that unfortunately the hits nick and you fall into a coma ....


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