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Cap # 59 A nice surprise

Everyone thought to die because he had brought 10 months in Coma and the 2 niuno woke up, Joe was in shock because I could not believe it! that 2 of the people he loved most in the world dying embers.
Your mom miley and dad (he still does not then appear in the novel) The avian mui taken ill were not taking it healthy! your father try to kill 1
see Demi and Taylor (still does not appear in the novel) I felt a terrible sorrow to see that one of her best friends and cousin Kevin was so bad
Frankie Denise and Paul were Destrado his son was Encom and your you were like a daughter to them! were basically Destrado were horrorisados \u200b\u200bKEVIN AND FRANKIE! comodescribirlo aviation nose internal rage against the iso but it was not bad but it was because it happened!

In the hospital room

Dr: Family of Nicholas Jonas and ________? _________
All: here! Dr
: _____ good nicholas and can not be more connected to the machines ... I read the hospital is a good nickname for this mui grave and is suffering from a frightful manner that will be very terrible for you but it will be a relief for porqe believe it or not in a coma because you suffer a lot more muscle atrophy and how they can hear and feel try to move and can not and feel much pain. ________ and this with the stroke caused by the trauma of the crash.

Everyone was crying Horrified by the measures they had to take bone were wrong! bad very bad

Miley: doc I can get to see my sister and nick? (porqe were at the feet together)
Dr: si .. Miley
enter pass, as they did this happen! so happy they were doing their dream
alfin to love miley I join my hands to you and Anick so that when the 2 together die together loving forever even after death when in an instant to you and nick a tear callus miley
as he screamed when the doctor comes
Dr: Miss you go people stop your fuss there needs SEA pas!
Dr: but it is not 'possible!
You and Nick: I cabesa porqe there so much noise is fainted
Dr: Miss! Nicholas _________!
You: sleepy
happened EVEN Nick: We creek a truck
You: if I remember
Nick: we live
Dr: I'll go tell your parents came and out

Dr: nicholas and _______ are some odd pro awake and nose Reason explain but love there between them 2 death supero ... (smiling)
Your mom Denise and Nicholas ___________!!! scorching to their children!
entered after all you had them ALL and full of questions!

dr: Nick could go after of aserlo some tests and also _____

Les isieron exams and none of lso 2 could walk
tried but failed 4 months later ...

Narrated by nick Nick Jonas
I learned to walk again thanks to a collision with ______ the 2 we had to learn to walk redialing but thanks to have each other we could move forward with our love and to get back to our lives and nromal concierttos ....

3 years passed you and nick already had 18 this was 2010 alfin

Narrated by nick

nose, but hey I could go back to my previous life ________ and I are together since long before the accident and an Abydos some problems but nothing serious only I want it to be love forever is one of my greatest wishes aunqe not yet be ready to start a family we are still young and want to travel about the world known to our fans around the world, I love ______ is the love of my life .. .

this was what he wrote in his blgo nick.

returning to real life

You: nick! Computer love salt!
Nick: I love
ajajjajaaj Demi: __ we shop taylor wants to go to a dress vr
You: ok!


narrated by you think that I have 18! haha wow I love to nick salimso forward is heaven for me right now nick is an important part of my life ...

alfin we leave behind the accident alfin

We returned to our love life returned to power as they always dream: D

Girls! deicrles wanted good if you want, I can leave a entrata to tell them about the earthquake in Chile .... nice if you want me 2 leave coemntarios like this one on the cap and another on the earthquake that would be the hsitoria of how it happened to me and the days after and I would spend the blgo qe siesqe sgusta the anime you a talented friend mui aser uan is novel about this anime good bye here I leave the page of one of my BFF



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que onda!
uploaded eh chaps are both an qeridoo but nobody told me eh seen 2 comentarioos and one in the most suffers bone! ask! and do not comment! as is the thing!

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Cap # 58 A terrible accident

Selena: jajajaj si si came with Nickk aquuiii but as more daa tie tantoooo amoo (L)
Cory: I like, I love ___ muii normall but a little mass necesitoo action! (Think: 1313: D) (kiss)
Selena: OMG!
You: that ????????
Nick: SELENA Selena
: aquii doing together!
You: We are a couple (rather nervous)
Selena: What!
You: the nose eesquee sientoo easy step! Selena
: these things do not just happen
Nick: Abes spend alone I love __________ from Siempree nose if it too but we love and you're not going to be able to separate us!
Selena: then Cory and I are dating
TU: that! Selena
: sii esque get bored of you!
You: cory, how could you!
Cory: how could you!
You: did you know that I loved him! I told you from the beginning
Cory: Like Selena
: treacherous! bad friend! (crying)
You:; claroo now I'm the bad guy! and say that you recently heard about nick that stabs the boring!
Selena: good is the truth
You: bitch! Nick
:_________ vamonos!
you go with nick you felt as far away as wise as it was selena ia to tell everyone!
You: I have fear nick: S (even in the car) Nick
: fear that beautiful lady?
You: that all nickte selena love to publish it but I need quiet in our relationship
Nick: Do not worry if I love you and you love me everything will be alright (is ivan to kiss)
* cuandoo then appear out of nowhere a truck that unfortunately the hits nick and you fall into a coma ....

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Cap # 57 I Hate The JB

They looked into his eyes, souls were seen doors open heart was reading a book you felt it read that nick for you and read what you felt for him in that instance you only feel as if Ubiera more people than you 2, it was like when a butterfly out of its cocoon and flies away, you felt free, to do what you want with your life, if you wanted you could end up with your boyfriend and PAOD Cory love nick qeridoo avias freely as ever but I was slowing down as a mistake because I wanted to selena nick were like the perfect couple and nick loved her much beyond your not wanted you come between him and selena she was your friend and your brother nick was like more than that was your life we \u200b\u200bstarted to think of the song avias compound that grabs little Catch me and suddenly we started to sing it without thinking I was watching nick surprised they finished singing nick came out running running behind you ...
Nick: _________!!! _______!!! ablate let me stop you for running a moment!
you kept alcanso you till you stop and iso you sit on the sidewalk of the street you were crying ..
You: what! you want!
Nick: why? Your
: for that!
Nick: because I spend it?
You: nose!
Nick: you can not see! YO I LOVE YOU!
words surprised you
You: nick please! is with selena and me with cory!
Nick: you do not love please! that song was for me I know! because I want too but I love selena
You: nick this should never let me go please!
in that moment you were stopping and going were you crying ofcourse
Nick: (grabbing Bras) I love you I can not explain you my sky please do not let me down!
You: nick you are so Hypnotizing aces me smile when I sing and when I sleep, nick have to be just friends, I think it will be difficult ara better separate for a while this is a complete Confucianism
Nick: not true
kissing you a beautiful way too hard to explain I take you by the waist with great delicacy is Aserco beautiful words you said in your ear then to Naris Naris Aserco but it was as if they were dancing and then I'm just looking tenderly and kiss you gently because he knew you were a lady and you treated them as such because he was a gentleman as his mother taught him stared ... ..
You: nick because I passed this because ami?
Nick: I love esque
You: nick love is a word mui strong do not think it appropriate at this moment let me think if (the cheek acarisiaste you you still had the waist)
Nick: You okay
thank you reply with a nice smile
You: I think I'll go to my house at this moment I wish to think
Nick: well beautiful tThis
You: please do not confuse nick I will not throw overboard our friendship
Nick: Do not pass
You: I know that if you goodbye
Nick cxon lips roso such delicacy as if you were made of porcelain ...
you got your happy happy happy house were feeling as if you were in heaven
TM: What happened to you?
You: nothing just a good time with nick and
J0NAS TM: Aaaa
uploaded to your room you saw that miley no avia out (shared PIESA)
You: and you who aquii aces?
Miley: nothing I can come up with liam dioo had nap ajaja
Your yyyy
Miley: hahaha you and you're so happens that felissssssss
You: emmm nadaaa
Miley: hahaha yeahhhh seguroo juan!
You: ajajjaj estoi HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Miley
: uhiii porqee!
You: kiss nick! we kissed good
Miley: ???????
You: esque were arguing about I did not like nick liam and challenge me and kissed me hard and nose ise the way there
Miley: Your
uuuuuuu lol: the more tiernoo buenoo estoii cansadaaa
Miley kisses;: lay hold
Al another diaa ....
knock knock You: who is!! I have dream (was covered till the cabesa not you looked
Nick: holaaaa!
You: nick is 5: am and miley is duermiendoo! not there anyone despiertoo
Nick: if! get dressed and go
you dressed with a normal mui blue plaid shirt with a brown belt Planco flat shoes and jeans
came out and was waiting for Nick's car and take you out to a lake
You: nick saves are the s6!
Nick: If
You: so special you are! (open it) is beautiful as looking
qedaste Nick: I lose my father to fish he had brought here as a kid and I wanted to show you (I look at you with a smile)
You: hey you never smile!
Nick: I dare you alone do.'re my source of security
You: nick you are beautiful inside and out.
Nick: jaj and thought?
You: much
Nick: and desisdiste?
You: I think if you give me a chance I can
Nick: (kisses) then ....
You: then what?
Nick knelt down and you're tapabas amnos face with laughing at
Nick: want to be my girlfriend?
You: if: D
Nick puts a necklace with a peace sign at the edges was saying TOGETHER FOREVER AND _ _ NJ
is beautiful Nick: lose I chose especially for you
You: I love you kissed

stayed there all afternoon talking about kissing looking
jutnos atardeser
saw your mom worried
Your name: alo if either breast estoi estoi with nick!
TM: ok ok cuidate
You: bye!
TM: bye
Tm: what happens to a_____ with nick! Miley
: jajaj we'll see!
Tm: Aque know
Miley: haha \u200b\u200bnothing! Returning
You: nick ..
Nick: If you love "?
I love you Nick: I like
Nick: I like your song
You: seriously '
Nick: sii mui of my taste is
You: you only kissed when it
cory and selena ...... ....