Saturday, April 17, 2010

Power Of Attorney Washington State

Cap # 56 I Hate The JB

You: nick nose but I can not (really only song I can not orrible
Nick: are as beautiful as you sing and sing a chorus of angels, you better singer than me!
You: no nick is impossible
(Nick something you felt something strong mui adored you but the thought that you did not like the
Nick: Accept the work as you will see!
changing the subject: the parents of nick and your parents were mui their friends when they were young you joked about growing potatoes and falling in love You met at 7 ... they never weighed that reality is iva aser ...
back to the topic:
after 4 months were a famous actress and you had 1 cd platinum and gold were seeing the kind of glee qe Cory Monteith called you liked but not loved as amavbas to nick nick selena was with one of your friends because they resent the bowing know joe was with your best friend Demi and Miley always your sister was Liam Hemsworth dating her was known from grabbing time had great jajaj one day you walked with obvious
nick as friends went for a walk in the PLASA began to fight for and really only retaste leseras to kiss you ..
You: nick is not siertoo not like Liam!
Nick: if you desert!
You: No it is not desert is the boyfriend of my sister! Ubo
uncomfortable silence and watching the eyes qedaron ..
You: I challenge you to Mebes qe!
Nick: okay!
try to kiss you but you will not let you till I catch you and kiss you on the instant all cambiioooo .......


sorry for the cap but will cortito asiqe the advancement is not so short, I feel so abandoned pro esqe leave between eh school and not stopped kissing the adorooooooo seriously good


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